5 Ways to Treat your skin this winter

5 Ways to Treat your skin this winter

During the freezing cold, our skin can tend to get itchy, flaky, and all-around uncomfortable. We all have to make adjustments during the wintertime so that our skin can feel our best without really trying and investing lots of money. Here are 5 ways you can treat your skin this winter, in order to be in the best situation possible. 

Use A Humidifier

Finding a nice humidifier is a relatively cheap way to ensure that your skin gets moisture even inside the house. You can find a humidifier online, or even go into your local grocery store and scout to find the best one for you. 

Humidifiers are also typically portable, so you can move them around your house wherever you feel particularly dry. You can fill them up with clean tap water, or boiled/distilled water, and have moisture evenly distributed. This will help you keep your skin hydrated throughout even the driest of seasons. 

Go to a Spa

Treat yourself to a nice trip to a natural spa, like Soap Lake Resort. This will help you rejuvenate your skin, and help you feel purified, cleansed, and refreshed. A spa is a nice getaway with various packages and specials available. Spas often offer great packages for any holiday, including weddings, retreats, reunions, etc. It just also makes for a nice getaway from the cold of the winter. Relax in warm, heated water and get your body scrubbed down.    

Lower the Thermostat

If you’re willing to sacrifice some comfort, try simply lowering the thermostat. Use less heat–less hot air blowing in your face will suck less moisture from it. It also will help you save money. Not only is it free, but it will also be a great form of conserving energy. If you are concerned about your impact on the environment. Figure out what is the lowest temperature you and those living with you can comfortably live in, and put it there. Wear an extra sweater, or cuddle up with some blankets. 

Use Sunscreen

Just because the sun isn’t completely blinding, does not mean that the sun rays aren’t affecting your skin. Keep your skin youthful, glowing, and wrinkle-free, and apply a quick sunscreen as part of your daily morning routine. Depending on how you easily burn, pick an SPF that will best protect your skin from aging, and from anything that might cause you illness. Sunscreen is a relatively cheap option that is great for keeping your skin fresh and youthful. 

Moisturize Using Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter goes the extra mile to keep your skin moisturized and fresh. Cocoa butter relieves and softens rough skin, and will keep you baby-smooth all through the harshness of winter. Cocoa butter is often infused with other vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin E that will contribute to the healthiness of your skin. There are different kinds of cocoa butter for different moisture levels of the skin, so try finding out your skin type! Whether you’re oily, combination, or dry, there’s bound to be a cocoa butter that is best for you. 

Try using some of these quick tips, and keep your skin in tip-top shape for all of winter! Just because the glow of the sun is hidden, doesn’t mean the glow of your skin should be.