5 Tips for Making Your Home More Beautiful and Efficient

5 Tips for Making Your Home More Beautiful and Efficient

Making your home a more beautiful place also makes it more comfortable for you and your guests, but there is more to it than that. If done right, those steps you take to beautify your home can also make it more energy efficient.

Not only can your home décor help you express yourself, but it can save you money as well, not to mention the benefits to the environment. Here are 5 tips for making your home both more beautiful and energy efficient.


There are several sources of lighting you can choose to beautify your home, and the good news is many of them can save you money in bulb replacements over time and also reduce your power bill.

From CFL bulbs that use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs that can last for years and use a fraction of the power of other bulbs, the choices are endless. Beyond the bulbs, there are other important considerations as well.

Smart lights and smart light controllers let you shut off and turn on lights from far away even if you accidentally leave them on. They can also be set to random timers, making it seem as if someone is home in a more unpredictable way than traditional lights. Smart lights offer a variety of decorating options including great colors that also incorporate light therapy, which can help with your moods and mental health as well.

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Improve Your Windows

Along with new lighting options, including LED and smart lights, there is the natural source of light, the sun. However, windows are not only a great place to let light in, but they can often heat up a room or let heat out depending on their age and how well they are sealed.

One of the first things you can do to make your home more efficient is to replace aging frames with modern, efficient ones that also look good. You may also want to look at replacing your windows. While most modern homes do not have single pane windows that are inefficient and not airtight, many older homes do. These older windows waste energy and make your home less comfortable in both summer and winter.

Don’t forget the sliding patio door as well. The entry to your backyard can also be an entry for cold air, or a window that makes what should be a comfortable room a blistering source of heat. A well-framed double paned door that seals well can make a huge difference.

Also consider windows with coatings that allow light in like textured or frosted bathroom windows. These keep heat out, but also protect your privacy especially in areas like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Natural light is very good for you, and good for any room, and replacing your windows can make them not only more attractive and energy efficient as well.

Cover it Up

Sometimes you need to cover those windows as well; blinds and draperies make huge difference in how your windows look. Different blind materials from wood to vinyl come in a variety of colors and styles. They can be vertical or horizontal, and a variety of widths.

Curtains and draperies not only enhance the look of your windows, but they also allow you to cover them up when the need arises. Covering your windows can affect your power bill as well, keeping sun out when it is hot outside, and keeping the heat in when it is cold.

Like smart lights, there are also smart window coverings that can be timed to lower or close when the sun is too intense. They can even be programmed to close at a certain time of night to keep heat in when it is cold and also keeping prying eyes out.

Replace Old Appliances

Those older appliances that are making your kitchen look like it stepped out of 1980 are also wasting power. There are much more efficient and smart appliances now, ones that will help improve your cooking as well.

From stainless steel to black and white fronts that are fashionable, microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators do more now than ever before. Screens on your fridge can show you recipes while you cook, keep an inventory for you, and help you create better grocery lists.

Despite the expense of replacing appliances, the savings to you and your family and the value and beauty they add to your kitchen can be priceless.

Go to the Bathroom

One of the rooms nearly every guest in your home will see is the bathroom. Making it beautiful is as easy as replacing some cabinet and mirrors with more modern ones. Updating the lighting and ventilation systems will also help you bathroom look and feel better.

However, to add beauty and efficiency, look at toilets and fixtures. Water saving faucets, more efficient toilets, and water conserving showers (yes, there are smart showers too) will not only be better for the environment, but it will save you money on your water and sewage costs.

Some of these fixtures by companies like Toto are not only efficient, but they are gorgeous, coming in different colors, and with chrome and gold handle options that will fit any décor.

Making your home more beautiful and efficient do not have to be mutually exclusive, and using these five simple ideas, you can do both.