5 ideas for the best (socially-distant) birthday ever

5 ideas for the best (socially-distant) birthday ever

Things are a little different at the moment. Some of us are working from home, others are waiting to hear when they can go back to work and all the while the kids are off school and we’re trying to keep everyone entertained, safe, healthy and happy. 

If your little one has a birthday coming up during lockdown, then you may find the pressure is on more than ever to give them a birthday to remember (for all the right reasons). They may not be able to have a party with all their family and friends present, but as a parent, there are a few things you can do to ensure they have the best day possible. You can still have presents delivered in time for the big day – click the link if you need to buy a new toy for a 9 year old – and they can still enjoy a day with you and their siblings. 

Here we’ll look at 5 ideas for the best (socially-distant) birthday ever!

Tech is your best friend!

It’s their birthday and we’re all in lockdown, so you can probably relax the rules on screen time for a little while at least. Speak to the parents of their closest friends online and arrange a video call with each friend in turn. You could arrange a huge group call all at once if you dare – but one-on-one calls might be better if you don’t want the birthday message to get lost in all the excitement and silliness. 

Bake a cake!

Next time you head to the shops or arrange an online shop make sure you include the ingredients to bake a birthday cake. If you’re not baking-inclined, see what cakes you can pick up in store. If you’re really struggling for cakes and bakes don’t panic. Think outside the box and bake something else – brownies, fairy cakes, even birthday cookies! 

Enjoy a BBQ

If you have some outdoor space, consider a different approach to their birthday and throw a BBQ for them instead. They can have all their favourite BBQ treats cooked to order and you can work together to decorate the back yard. Blow-up the paddling pool if it’s warm enough!

A birthday movie!

Plenty of popcorn, sweet treats, presents, homemade movie tickets and their favourite film, a birthday movie marathon is the perfect way to spend a birthday. 

Don’t worry

Try not to worry too much about your child not getting the birthday that they wanted. You can always make up for it at a later date.

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