5 Budget-Friendly Retirement Regions in Arizona

5 Budget-Friendly Retirement Regions in Arizona

Arizona is a great place to live and perhaps an even better place to retire. But with how big the state of Arizona is, what is the best part of Arizona to retire in? What is more, is the most budget-friendly option in this state? Below are some of the top picks to consider.

1. Mesa

Are you a nature lover? Or perhaps, you’re a big history fan or a lover of indigenous culture. If you said yes to any of these, Mesa might be the best place in Arizona for you to retire.

This city is known for its proximity to the Tonto National Forest, many parks, areas to golf, and several local attractions. It’s also home to Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus, art centers, and great shops.

2. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is known for its scientific research, industrial developments, and for being a hot spot for tourists, especially since its proximity to the Grand Canyon. People also know Flagstaff as the location where Northern Arizona University resides.

But why Flagstaff, you still might wonder? Living in this city is a great investment. Its bustling, growing economy makes this city reliable for homeowners and business owners alike.

3. Tucson

Love the Arizona weather but not a fan of all the dirt? Living in Tucson would be ideal for those wanting to retire in a more urban area. Lots of entertainment, shopping opportunities, and fantastic restaurants in Tucson make living in Arizona exciting and fresh for energetic retirees.

As expected, living in Tucson is going to cost a little more than average than it would be in a less urbanized area of Arizona. However, for many, the move to Tucson is well worth it. You’ll instantly fall in love with Tucson’s downtown area, their beautiful light displays, and incredible mountain views in the near distance.

4. Wickenburg

With many great retirement communities in Arizona, the city of Wickenburg is yet again another great option. Living in Wickenburg is almost the complete opposite of living in Tucson.

Wickenburg is known for outdoor activities like horseback riding and jeep tours, lots of wide open land, and historic landmarks. While you won’t get fast citylife in Wickenburg, what you will get is endless outdoor adventures to keep you satisfied.

5. Sedona

If outdoor adventure, economic growth, and financial stability sound great to you, Sedona might be the best place for you to retire. Enjoy its many hiking trails, breathtaking canyons, and historical features.

At the end of the day, you can count on Sedona to be a great place for you to settle down. Investing in a home here, you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck in the long haul. Rest assured, if you ever decide to come out of retirement, Sedona is also a great place for career growth.


With your retirement budget limited and with wanting to avoid the mistake of moving somewhere you don’t fully love, it makes sense to be picky about where you’ll end up retiring. The state of Arizona, however, does not disappoint as a place to retire. With the latter retirement regions in Arizona to consider, you’ll be sure to find the best spot for your retirement.