4 Fun Construction Projects You Can Do with the Kids this Summer

4 Fun Construction Projects You Can Do with the Kids this Summer

Fun Construction Projects

Summertime is upon us and with it comes ideal weather for engaging in fun outdoor activities with your children. Building is an often overlooked pastime that will give you the opportunity to teach your kids fundamental building concepts and create lasting memories. Plus, whatever you build can serve as an improvement to your home that will be used and appreciated for a long time. With that said, here are four interesting construction projects you can complete with the help of your kids this summer:

1. Assembling a Steel Building

The assembly of a steel building may seem complicated but there are kits available from companies like Armstrong Steel that make it possible to construct a multi-purpose steel building with only a few laborers and some basic tools. They have a wide variety of floor plans available, so the building can serve as a game room, recreational area, or educational workshop area for the kids. Or, part of it can be used as an extra garage or storage area. While there will be plenty of steps that kids won’t be able to complete, and the entire building process will require adult supervision, this is a project that will teach your kids basic building skills while also giving them an extra place to hang out when it’s finished.

2. Assembling a Playground

Similar to steel buildings, there plenty of building kits that simplify the process of adding a full-fledged playground to your yard. Opt for a deluxe model and have your kids help you with the construction. They can observe you handling the heavier tasks and assist with organization and fetching specific tools. Of course, your kids will probably be extremely excited to help you build a playground, as they’re going to enjoy using it all summer for years to come.

3. Building a Sandbox

Sandboxes are very easy to build and it’s easy to make your kid feel like they’re a little helper by filling the box with small, lightweight bags of sand. This is a great idea for younger kids who will love to brag to their friends about how they personally filled their own sandbox. Adding a sandbox is also an ideal way to complement the addition of a playground or other play area as mentioned above.

4. Building a Garden, Deck, or Patio Area

Fencing in a garden area and building garden beds or constructing a deck/patio are all projects that can be completed with the help of a child. Your kids will love to learn how to plant and harvest crops, and it’s a healthy skill and tradition that they can use to maintain an optimal diet throughout adulthood. Likewise, a deck or patio with an awning will serve as a relaxing spot for summer barbecues, birthday parties, and general family time.

Be Very Careful When Building Around Children

It’s never a good idea to let children be present on a construction site without taking the necessary precautions. Before bringing your little ones on site to help out, be sure that the work area is free of any hazards like sharp nails, heavy objects, or power tools. Also, keep an eye on them at all times and make sure they’re only performing tasks that are appropriate for their age group. Finally, use your home construction project as an opportunity to teach your kids the necessity of safety equipment and safe working practices.