4 Awesome Ways To Make Your Wedding Speech Memorable

4 Awesome Ways To Make Your Wedding Speech Memorable

Weddings are all about celebrating the love of two people with friends and family members, and being part of this is just so amazing. If you’re really close to the bride and groom you’ll probably be asked to give a wedding speech. Although it is a great honor and feeling that they’ve thought of you, immediately after you agree to it you start freaking out and you have no idea what to say on the big day.

So, how to write your speech, what are the things you must take into consideration? Well, there are quite a few, like saying a few things about the couple in general, how they met, something personal, or basic ideas about marriage. Yes, these might seem like lot, but don’t panic, we got you covered with 4 amazing tips that will surely make your wedding speech unforgettable.


  1. Make It Personal (But Not Too Personal)

Everybody loves personal things about the bride and groom, and guests just can’t wait to hear the funny and memorable stories. You can start by saying a few words about how you feel about the bride and groom and then focusing a bit more on the details of the proposal, mixing all of these with humorous one-liners.

Putting a smile on the faces of the celebrated couple, family, and friends will really set the mood. It’s no surprise that guests will appreciate all these insights and feel the love and connection that you got with the bride and groom. However, don’t make it too personal, don’t go into the details that even the couple would like to forget. Funny, but a bit embarrassing topics should be off the table.


  1. Go for a Strong Opener and Closer

With all the partying and excitement going on, people are all too distracted. So, you have to get their attention instantly. How to do that? Well, you must have a strong opener that will make heads turn and eyes wide open. You can use a short wedding toast, a cute saying, or you can give a funny quote a try.

And don’t forget about the closer. It’s a good idea to give your best wishes, thank everybody that counts, and offer a short summary of what makes marriage so amazing. If you’ve gone with a funny opener, go with a more emotional closer. If you see tears of joy during your closer, you’ve done a great job and you have entertained people..


  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Giving a speech in front of dozens or hundreds of people can make a lot of people really anxious, and probably even you. How to get over this? One of the best things you can do is to practice your speech before the big day. The more you know your speech, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become.

Because you’re prepared, you won’t act like someone who’s doing this for the first time, but like someone who’s really experienced. You will make eye contact with the guests and talk freely and like someone who’s having a great time. And that matters a lot, that’s what people want to see! To give your best, try standing in front of the mirror and rehearsing until you are fully ready.


  1. Not Too Short, Not Too Long

Probably yours isn’t going to be the only wedding speech, as other friends and family members would like to make a toast. That’s why it’s not a great idea to make a really long speech. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. That way you will not bore people, remain funny during the entirety of your speech, and make it really unforgettable.

Taking into consideration all of these tips, you will surely write an awesome speech, and you’ll probably even be in the wedding album, with a photo that captured the exact moment of your humor-filled and emotionally-charged monologue.