11 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Tampa Couples

11 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Tampa Couples

Are you looking for great Valentine’s Day ideas for Tampa couples?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner this year and you better think of a great way to spend it now. Forgetting about it or waiting until the last minute to plan it will spell disaster for the special day. You can also do an impromptu celebration, but it will never be as good as a planned one.

The challenge now is planning a date your partner will remember. The pressure is on, and the only way you can make a memorable date is to choose among these amazing Valentine’s Day ideas. Read on and plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date today!

1. Ride a Hot-Air Balloon

Take your date up to Cloud 9 by riding a hot-air balloon for Valentine’s Day. Available for reservations and bookings on the spot, Big Red Balloon Sightseeing Adventures down at Hillsborough Avenue will allow you to get a unique view of Tampa Bay.

You can elevate the experience even more by booking the Sweetheart Flight package. This gets you a private balloon ride complete with a champagne toast and a sit-down breakfast. Doing this will ensure that you take your relationship to new heights.

2. Hire a Barbershop Quartet

Nothing expresses your love for someone more than a romantic serenade. If you don’t have the right voice for singing, though, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. This makes it a great idea to hire a barbershop quartet, instead.

The Heralds of Harmony offers a premium package that includes 3 songs, a beautiful red rose, and a coffee mug with chocolates in it. You can also have them give your date a card to read.

If this all seems a bit too impersonal, worry not. You can have them customize the flower, the card, and the drink to suit your date at your instruction. They also accept custom songs to sing.

All you need to do is book them and let them know ahead of time. What’s great is that it’s easier to book due to the declining popularity of Valentine’s Day.

3. Have Dinner at the Florida Aquarium

If your partner loves marine wildlife, then the Florida Aquarium is the best place to take them to. You can watch your partner go crazy looking at the sea creatures the establishment has to offer. What makes it better is that the aquarium allows you to book this adventure at night.

This makes it perfect for a transition towards dinner. They offer a 3-course dinner complete with complimentary drinks for you and your partner. It makes for a perfect date with anyone fascinated with what’s underwater.

4. Go to the Florida State Fair

The Florida State Fair is the best place to go if you can’t decide on a single thing to do for Valentine’s Day. The fair features many attractions, activities, and entertainment to keep you and your date amazed for the entire day.

You can watch the dueling pianos or the sea lions splash around in the state fair. It also offers many places to get food. This makes it the perfect place to spend the day with your date.

5. Have a Picnic on Honeymoon Island

Most people envision the perfect Valentine’s Day to be a simple picnic with the person you love. You can make this the best picnic ever by having it on Honeymoon Island.

Despite its popularity, the beach is large enough that you don’t have to worry about other people disrupting your peace. It also has some great places to visit like the South Beach Pavillion and Café Honeymoon.

It’s also a great place to go seashell hunting with your date. This is a good choice for anyone looking to have a relaxing date for Valentine’s Day.

6. Ride a Horse Along the Beach

Speaking of activities on beaches, why not go for a horseback ride near Cypress Breeze Farm? The farm has a stable of horses for you and your date to choose from.

You have 2 options to go for once you get a horse. You can go for a trip along the beach by yourselves, or you can go for a guided horseback-riding tour for a set price.

Either option can get you a picturesque date with your partner. It’s the perfect way to unwind to the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.

7. Go Skydiving With Your Partner

Are you and your partner a pair of adrenaline junkies? Then skydiving will make for the best date on Valentine’s Day!

Signing up at Skydive City can get you a great skydiving package for the night. You’ll jump at sunset and land on a quaint and cozy picnic spot. You’re then invited to the Bird House for more drinks after you enjoy the sunset.

8. Book a Luxury Motor Yacht for Valentine’s Day

Going on a luxury cruise is a dream for many people. Fulfill your partner’s wish by taking them out on a luxury motor yacht on a special day! You can disembark on a voyage that can take you to the best spots along the East Coast.

This means that you can have Valentine’s Day where you can go island hopping with your date. This ensures that the date will be memorable. Don’t hesitate to check it out!

9. Rent an Airstream

If you want to travel on land than on the water, then rent a silver bullet instead! This is the best way to experience Tampa in a chic and rustic style.

You can travel to different parks and settle on whichever one you want for the night. What’s great is that the Airstream is also easy to return when you’re done. This will ensure a stress-free date even after Valentine’s Day.

10. Book Tickets to the Latest Show in Straz Center

Among the different Valentine’s Day ideas for Tampa couples, booking tickets to the latest show in Straz Center is the classiest. You can experience the culture of live theater by attending any of their shows.

This is perfect if your date has an interest in theatrics. The shows there also ensure that it will be an entertaining date.

11. Spend the Day in Citrus Park

Citrus park is more than a park, despite its name. It’s an entire county filled with attractions and places of interest. What makes it great is that they differ from each other in every aspect.

You can go to the Hindu Temple and experience a different culture from what you’re used to. You can then swim with the manatees in Citrus County.

You have more options to check out when you go to Citrus Park. Doing this ensures you won’t have a boring date on Valentine’s day.

Check Out These Valentine’s Day Ideas for Tampa Couples Today

Try out these Valentine’s Day ideas for Tampa couples to have the perfect date with your partner. Book these dates today and enjoy Valentine’s with your partner!

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