Researches claim that around the globe 256 births are observed every minute. If you know someone who is soon to be a parent, you must show them your love and joy with a gift that helps them to feel good in the time of pain and suffering. People who are soon to be parents are always been unaware of the things that a neonate needs and are highly stressed that they end up having very little or no neonate specific stuff that eventually leads them to a panic situation. Many of the families have been observed organizing gender disclosure ceremonies, and this the best time to give the gifts to the parents that will be helpful for the neonate in the long run. Multiple baby presents are available in the market that can be given to the child, the most beloved of them are mentioned below: 

1. IT’S TIME TO BATH: Soon to be parents have been observed very curious to know when and how to give their child a bath and highly scared that how they will be able to give a bath to their newborn. More often people are found searching for the pieces of equipment that are safe and healthy for their new members when it comes to having a bath as neonates are highly prone to infections and diseases. 

Medical researchers claim that the best strategy to give a bath to your neonate is with a soft, clean sponge. This is because the umbilical cord of the child is most likely to get detached after two to three weeks and it may give pain to the child. If you are planning to give a gift than neonate bathing kits are available with real soft and amazing bathing accessories in which organic soaps and cleaning kits are the best options. People do not have to give their baby bath daily, because thrice in a week is suggested by the medical researchers. 

2. GROOMING THE NEWBORN: Even though there are multiple options for grooming a neonate that the parents can buy themselves, but they have it in their subconscious mind and often forget to get it for their neonate. If you are planning to visit the hospital or planning for giving a gift to people who are expected to be parents soon, then giving them a grooming kit is the best option. This grooming kit must contain nail cutter, hairbrush, nail filer, nose cleaner, and ear wax remover. These products are very much needed because neonates are highly stuffy and need such things quite often.

3. CHANGING TABLE, THE START PACK: Parents are often seen worried about how and where to place the child comfortably for changing cloths, where all the necessary products are available and easily accessible. A gift that can ease the problem is highly loved by parents-to-be. Changing tables with an additional feature of a drawer of the cupboard are highly effective in this regard and are highly appreciated by the parents of a neonate. The changing table is one of the gifts that ultimately helps the parents to reduce their hassle of running to the wardrobe for getting the cloths and necessary belonging of the neonate.

4. BABY CLOTHING: Babies are commonly found in rompers, shorts, and shirts that enhance their cuteness. If you are in the state where you have to select a gift for the neonate, that giving him a gift of new, stylish clothes is a wonderful gift. This gift may include personalized rompers with matching shoes and socks, customized shirts, etc. This will not only make the child look good, but it will reduce the hassle of the parents also to get more and more clothes for the child. The only thing you need to identify is what color is it, is it a blue color for boys, or pink color for gifts. If you are sure about gender than you can select color accordingly. It will be highly appreciated if you present a gift with generic colors.

5. COT AND FURNITURE: One of the best gift suggestion for parents to be is a give of cot or relevant furniture for the neonate. Neonates are highly sensitive and need at least 14 to 16 hours of sleep. Parents are worried about where to let their child sleep that they are not disturbed and are in front of their eyes. Getting them a cot will help them to keep their child safe and let him sleep with peace in a specific place where they can see him and help him if needed. Generally, there are many types of cots available, you just need to make sure that the cot is adjustable in size and have the option of wheels. This will help the parents to move the cot wherever they want, according to their own needs and comfort.

6. RELAXING TIME: The last thing that people don’t consider is somehow, one of the most important things for a neonate. A crib bassinet or a cradle are the things that are significantly used by the families to let their child fell asleep when they are busy in their work. If you plan to present any of these as a gift, you need to make sure that they are not too big to accommodate in the room, as medical experts suggest that the child should sleep in the same place in the same room during the first 12 months of the birth.

CONCLUSION: Presenting a gift to anyone is the easiest way to share love and affection for them and when it comes to giving a gift that helps reduce the load is a blessing for the family. Soon to be parents, highly appreciates gift items that are highly specific to their neonate and helps them to ease their stress of buying products that are required by the child. If you generally visiting a baby gift shop you will end up buying products that are not worthy enough to be presented to the parents, but if you come up with any of the products mentioned above, they will have the potential to create an impact for a long time.