10 most overrated people in history

10 most overrated people in history

1.Henry ford-

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford car company had strong tie ups with Adolf hitler. His ideologies of antisemitism greatly influenced the Nazi party and became a way through which they could seek his financial help as aid in the war. Ford was famously known as a pacifist but, He allegedly built engines, planes and war crafts for the US military in times of war.

2. Thomas Edison-

Thomas Alva Edison, the so-believed, greatest inventor of the 19th century, was in reality, a very selfish man who ballyhooed himself as an ingenious giant who can single handedly transform the future. He took the help of media to advertise his inventions and sell them.

3.Douglas Macarthur-

Douglas Macarthur was a five star general and field marshal of the philippine army. He is believed to be this extraordinary military general, probably one of the greatest in the American history. But, when he was the general in charge of the Philippines campaign, he showed his cowardness. Instead of attacking the enemy base in Farmosa, he did nothing until his air force was destroyed.

4.Henry 8-

Henry 8 was an english monarch who ruled all of the territories of england. He surely was an incompetent ruler and had a penchant for divorces and remarriages! Over his lifespan, he had six wives, two of which he allegedly killed just for the sake of marrying a different woman!

5.Coco chanel-

Coco chanel, famously known as the last word of elegance, was the first woman to bring about notions of casual fashion and clothing. But, she is surely not a woman to be idolized as she was famously entangled in a love affair with a Nazi soldier. It is believed that the sole reason for her success is her promiscuousness and not her cunning business mind!

6.Loannis Metaxa-

Loannis Metaxa served as the prime minister of Greece for a period of 5 years. He is praised for his denial to surrender under the fascist rule. But, in reality, he was a dictator himself and followed the footsteps of mussolini in his regime.

7.Pal Teleki-

Pal Teleki was the prime minister of Hungary. He is often recognised as a great leader who strived to protect the autonomy of the Hungarian empire. But, he also enacted some anti semitism laws that were prevalent for a long time.

8.Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow wilson was the 28th president of America. He is widely popular as an intellectual person who was a pacifist and enrolled America in the league of nations to ensure world peace. In reality, he was a warmonger and a supremacist.

9.Christopher columbus-

Christopher columbus, the famous explorer, wasn’t the first to discover America. He wasn’t the first one to determine that the earth is round either. Instead, what he really discovered was genocide and slave trade in India.

10.Che Guevara-

Che Guevara was an Argentine revolutionary and played a major role in the cuban revolution. His military reputation is lauded in history but apart from the cuban revolution, all of his guerilla warfare attempts were utter failure. He was a racist and also played a major part in the downfall of Cuba’s economy.

These are some of the most overrated icons in history. So, think twice before placing a bet on their integrity to avoid being the dumbest gamblers on slot sites or related casinos!