Why Your Kids Need To Read

Why Your Kids Need To Read

If you’re the parent of reluctant readers, you may sometimes be reluctant to push them too hard.
Reading, however, is critical to your kids’ education and success, not to mention the hours of enjoyment they can find in books if they make a habit of reading. Just as a reminder, then, here are a few reasons why your kids need to read.

Building Key Skills

Reading equals skill-building for kids. Your kids will develop language and critical thinking skills as they read. They’ll also become better writers and grow in patience and perseverance. If you provide books kids love, like those of Daniel Handler, for instance, your kids will be more likely to read and work on the abilities they need to succeed in school and life.

Reducing Stress

Reading is also a great stress reducer. If you’re a reader yourself, you know this is true. There is nothing like curling up with a good book to escape the world for a while. Getting your kids into the habit of reading will help them be calmer overall and better able to deal with the stress life throws at them because they will have a way to wind down.

Stimulating the Imagination

The right books can certainly stimulate children’s imaginations. Introduce them to a series from child author Daniel Handler, for instance, or take them to the local library so that they can pick up books that are appealing to them. You may even want to read along with your kids and discuss their books to get them thinking and imagining in even deeper ways.

Providing Entertainment

Finally, reading provides hours of entertainment. If you want to curb the chorus of “I’m bored!” provide books and lots of them. Your kids can enter into the greatest stories, be well entertained and not even realize that they’re learning along the way.

So get your kids started reading. Read to them, and let them see you reading. Their reluctance will quickly begin to disappear.