What to Look for When Buying Motorbike Gear and Clothing

What to Look for When Buying Motorbike Gear and Clothing

Who said motorcycling is for guys only? Wearing the right gear when it comes to riding your motorbike is just as important as frequently servicing your bike and keeping in well maintained. Rider chicks know that. As do the guys.What you’ll need to do as a newcomer to biking is to make some good choices when it comes to purchasing your clothing for rides, as you’ll need to think about safety aspects as well as comfort…and of course – style! Ensuring you’re visible to other motorists and pedestrians is important too, especially during the winter.

We’ve come up with a few tips regarding what to look for when buying motorbike clothing, to hopefully help you make some wise investments.

Full coverage biker gear doesn’t necessarily mean head to toe leather

Whilst you won’t exactly want to set off on your ride in shorts and a t-shirt (imagine how much that would hurt coming off your bike at 60mph), there are other options available if the full leather look isn’t for you, or if you want something a bit cooler and more versatile for the summer. If jeans are more your thing, you should look into motorbike specific jeans that have a protective layer in them, such as the ones here. Be prepared to pay quite a lot for them as cheaper alternatives are much less likely to be as protective or comfortable.

A good helmet is crucial

Something that you can’t go riding without is of course your helmet, and you’ll need to find the best one that’s the most suitable for you. To start, it’s a pretty good idea to measure your head so that you’ll know exactly what size to look for when shopping. There’s a guide here regarding how to do that, which should hopefully make it a little easier. You’ll want to invest in a good quality bag to store your helmet in too keep it safe and protected too, as there’s no point spending lots of money on the helmet and having nowhere decent to store/transport it.

Think about the weather

As well as covering your body, you’ll want to think about other aspects to keep yourself warm and snug in the winter. You’ll no doubt want to invest in a really decent pair of gloves for those harsh winter days/nights, and motorcycle boots are a great idea, too. You’re likely to save money by buying online, so shop around to find the best deals.



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