Turn Your Home Greener, Save Money, And Increase Property Value

Turn Your Home Greener, Save Money, And Increase Property Value

Technological Innovations
Tech innovations are making it possible for you to save money in your home and increase its value simultaneously. Several of these innovations will be explored here, as well as some old standby upgrade techniques that also increase value while retaining low environmental impact.

The Solar Component
Solar panels are more affordable today than they’ve ever been before, and switching to solar will actually increase your property’s value substantially, while decreasing your local environmental impact and providing you with continuously sustainable off-grid energy you can depend on at least a decade, barring any world-shifting catastrophic events.

A 3.1 kWh system is usually made up of up to 31 solar panels each offering 100 Watts of power an hour. Such a system’s installation will increase your property’s value as much as $18,000 or more. The best part is the cost of installation. You can install such a system for much less than the value it brings.



A single 100-Watt solar panel can be purchased for between $100 and $200, depending on which functional accoutrements you buy in conjunction with the panel. To get the most out of your panel safely you’re going to need a charge controller, power source, and power inverter. You can find enough infrastructure here to support 31 panels for less than $1,000, if you know what to buy, and its wise to hire a Sydney electrician to help install everything correctly.

If you spend $200 worth in value per panel, you can very likely also purchase all the support items you need within that figure. Altogether, for $6,200 or less, you can purchase and install your own 3.1 kWh solar panel system. Since it gives your home thrice the value, it’s a great measure to take right before you put a home on the market.

Sustainable Plumbing
Metal sinks tend to wear out more quickly than stone options. Stone doesn’t rust, after all; and isn’t so malleable. Maestro Bath offers the natural stone vessel sink among a bevy of“contemporary and modern handmade Italian bathroom sinks to clients with [a] taste of luxury.”

Going this route actually stands to increase property value enough to justify the cost of a luxury sink.


This is provided you install the sinks the right way, and have taken sufficient measures to make the rest of your property match these luxury items. If you clean up the animal atmosphere of your home as well, suddenly the sinks match.

These options will generally last longer than cheaper solutions as well. Think of it this way: you can spend a hundred bucks on plumbing supplies every year or so, or spend a thousand and be good for ten. With homes, the long-term is the important perspective to take. You want to buy with that in mind. Leave slap-dash options to those living in mobile arrangements that can’t really increase in value.

All The Right Moves
A garage can be turned into a separate room. Decks can be refurbished, and attics outfitted to represent additional functionality. Sometimes carpet must be replaced, and wood is a better option. If you can do stone, the home will last, as will its value. But you’ve also got to take into consideration your location, and the appreciation or depreciation of a given neighborhood.

If you’re in a depreciating neighborhood, clean the house up and install a massive solar system right before you list; it’ll up the value, give the realtor an additional selling point, and may help you bridge the gap on the market’s decline. Still, you want to get counsel before you proceed. Get an appraisal, and see what advice fits your budget.

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