The Dining Table: The Most Important Piece of Furniture in the Home

The Dining Table: The Most Important Piece of Furniture in the Home


The dining table is important from several different points of view – located in the living room, it can be a sign of wealth and prosperity. The colour, the shape and the size of the table also play important roles: as a matter of fact, these aspects can tell a lot about a family and the house they are living in. Dining tables have many different uses that make them highly practical and convenient, and here you will find out more about their importance. 
Dining tables are considered to be the centre of any home, as they have multifunctional purposes that must be taken into account: people eat here, they have private conversations at the table, children do their homework, birthdays are celebrated at the dining table, the family organizes board games here and so on. Throughout the centuries, these tables had different meanings: in the Chinese culture, the size of the table was directly proportional to the number of people one can feed – the bigger the table, the better. In other words, this was a way to show a person’s status and wealth.

Nowadays, people do not pay as much attention to tables as they once used to – dining tables are usually neglected, dirty and the chairs are barely changed once in a while. If you stop for a second and think, your dining table is actually the most important piece of furniture in your home, after your bed. This is where you welcome your guests; it should be a quiet and warm place that promoted productive conversations. Your dining table can make you feel comfortable and warm by ensuring a calm atmosphere through design and various additions, or it can make you feel cold and uncomfortable. Pedestal tables are highly popular nowadays, as they not only provide increased stability for the table, but they also make the table more accessible as people do not have to worry about tripping over the table legs.

The shape of the table is also highly important, since it should allow people to eat and communicate effectively – oval tables are the best, as this way children can watch the other members of the family eat and learn more about table manners and etiquette.

In addition to being a central piece of furniture that comes in handy for the entire family, dining tables can also add extra style to the overall decor of the room. There are countless hand crafted tables available, which are known for their beautiful appearance and originality – they can easily fit the decor of any home. Most tables are made from hard wood covered in a layer of wax, which makes them very durable in the long run.

The table can bring liveliness to the room, and so can the chairs. Last, but not least, table decorations are also highly important – home owners can add candles, a vase, dining table cloth or even materials that imitate leather – all these unique additions can make the table more appealing, both to the home owners and the guests.