The Best Baby Gifts to Give this Easter

The Best Baby Gifts to Give this Easter

The Best Baby Gifts to Give this Easter

So it’s baby’s first Easter or a friend is expecting baby to arrive this Easter –

whatever it is, if you want to surprise the newly turned parents and baby this Easter season, we have some gift ideas.

easter basket

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Easter is almost near and your friends who are newly turned parents might need a little something this year to welcome baby on his first springtime experience. Baby won’t be able to hunt for Easter eggs just yet, so we thought we might give you some ideas that you can gift baby this coming Easter.

  • An Easter treats bag – you can purchase an Easter-themed plastic bag from the stationary store or if you want to get creative, you can make it yourself. Place special items inside the bag such as treats and other important treasures.
  • A white rabbit soft toy – what better way to get baby to be familiar with the Easter Bunny than with a cute rabbit stuffed toy. An endearing plush rabbit is sure to melt the heart with its cute face and soft material.
  • A rabbit coin bank – have mom and dad start a fund for baby this early with a rabbit coin bank. It can be for whatever purpose they wish it to be, the most important thing: it’s a rabbit piggy bank!!!
  • An Easter Bunny story book – as soon as baby is big enough to be read, mom and dad can use this story book to read to baby every Easter time or whenever baby needs a good bedtime story.
  • A bunny headband – a bunny headband will look cute on baby even if it’s not Easter.
  • Bunny slippers – keep baby’s feet warm with adorable bunny slippers that has its cute bunny ears sticking out.
  • A “My 1st Easter” onesie – this is a totally adorable gift to give to parents whose baby is having their very 1st Easter.
  • Easter print burp cloths – get the parents into the feeling of spring while wiping baby’s drool with burp cloths that come in cute Easter prints.
  • Snacks – introduce baby to new flavours like cereals, biscuits, crackers, and mesh food feeders. If the baby is teething, you can add a biter biscuit or a binky.

Make sure to pick items which you feel is best for baby; something that can be used several times.

If you want to go all out, you can even prepare an Easter-themed hamper. Baby Gift Box is a leading baby gift store with a wide selection of baby hampers to choose from including Easter-themed ones. You are guaranteed to find one that both baby and the parents will like. If not, you can always take inspiration from their hampers and create your own.

  1. Start by picking a basket. It can be a rough wicker basket, or one that the parents can use for baby like a bathtub or a clothes hamper.
  2. Pick the contents you’d like to include in the hamper. Make sure it’s Easter-themed. So choose items that have recognisable symbols of Easter like eggs, chicks, and bunnies.
  3. Line the hamper with a soft blanket or a burp cloth and start placing the contents.
  4. Wrap the basket with clear wrapping paper so that the items still look visible. If the basket is big enough to hold all the items together without any of it falling out, there’s no need to wrap it.

In Conclusion

Don’t forget to take a photo of baby with the Easter gift basket. Share a copy to the mom and dad. They’ll appreciate the thought that went into the gift and have the memory encapsulated in the photo that they can add to their photo album.

It isn’t that hard to find a gift for baby this Easter. Anything with a design that has bunnies, eggs, and chicks on it is guaranteed to please mom, dad, and baby. Did you have any suggestions for what to give baby this coming Easter? Let us know in the comments.