The 5 Best Digital Picture Frames

The 5 Best Digital Picture Frames

We’re taking more photos than ever before. With smartphones in hand, people are snapping over a trillion pictures a day.

Where do all these photos end up? During the film era, they were developed and proudly put on display. But it seems digital pictures are destined to live online forever.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A digital picture frame is a great way to showcase beloved photos. Check out these five great options.

Nixplay Seed Wave Digital Frame

This is a favorite among users and we can see why. Not only is the Nixplay Seed Wave wifi-enabled, but it comes with its own app too. Users can easily upload pictures from various social media platforms.

The 13.3″ frame holds 10gb of storage. It’s also equipped with 5-watt Bluetooth speakers and a motion sensor.

Facebook Portal Frame

Social media-savvy users will love the Facebook Portal.

This 10″ device connects to both Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be able to easily display your social media photos in your home. Not only that, but it makes video calls too. There’s no better way to connect with loved ones from afar.

Skylight Frame

You’ll love the Skylight frame for its beautiful design. Sleek and simple, it looks just like a traditional photo frame. But it’s equipped with a touchscreen that displays photos in stunning 1280×800 resolution.

Simple to use, the Skylight is perfect for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. This frame holds up to 8gb of storage, which is roughly 8,000 pictures.

Aura Digital Frame

Looking for something to hold your entire photo collection? With unlimited cloud storage, the Aura frame does just that.

It seamlessly connects to your digital library, as well as others in your Aura network. This means you can send pictures to another frame across the country. Since it looks like a traditional frame, the Aura is elegant enough for those images from your professional Newborn Photography shoot.

Pix-Star Digital Frame

With 1024×768 resolution, the Pix-Star boasts an impressive photo display. And this frame is more than just good looks. It has a unique email address for easy photo sharing.

Anyone with your Pix-Star address can send images to your frame. This device also comes with fun extras, like a calculator, games, and the ability to send and receive audio messages.

A Digital Picture Frame Is the Perfect Solution for Modern Photo Display

There’s no better time to show your photographs off. A digital picture frame makes it easy to get images off your electronic devices and into your home. As an added bonus, they’ve also become a great way to stay connected with loved ones.

Whether you have a collection of smartphone snapshots or professional photographs, you might consider picking up one or two frames today.

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