Take a chance to move up the property ladder

Take a chance to move up the property ladder


It’s become almost natural to always aspire to something better than we have. Partly it’s because the media is so focused on property, doing it up, improving what you have, moving somewhere better. Have you been bitten by that bug to remodel or move house? Then what’s stopping you? For 99% of us the answer to that question would be the funds needed to make our next move possible. And while the only realistic way to move up the property ladder is to keep saving and keep earning, we all have an ideal dream home in mind. Wouldn’t it be great just to magically make the leap there?

One way you could skip your way right up to the top of the property ladder would be to win one of the mega lotteries that are out there. Pretty much every lotto winner who’s interviewed falls into one of two camps. Either they’re going to jack in their boring jobs and move to a mega mansion or they’re not going to let the win change them and stick with the 9-5 and stay in the home they bought after they married! Which way would you go?

Millions are now playing America’s richest jackpot game Powerball, where there’s a possibility of winning millions in a twice-weekly draw. All you need to do to play is pick your five numbers and your Powerball number, cross your fingers and hope!

Of course, your chances of winning the Powerball jackpot – like any major lotto jackpot – are small. In Powerball, you have a 1 in 175 million chance of being a winner. It’s difficult to understand how small the chances are – but imagine it this way. If you lined up 175 million dollar bills, they would stretch all the way along the edges of the continental US and only one of those dollar bills would have the winning numbers on it! But as the win is always going to be a six number combination, someone, somewhere is going to win. Why might that person not be you?

And if you happened to win that enormous jackpot in a Powerball draw, the problem wouldn’t be about not having enough money to spend; it would be about deciding how to spend it!