Studying as a Mom

Studying as a Mom

When you want to go back into a career, but have spent many years raising your child, it can be difficult to figure out what to do. While some people might opt to return to the trade that they worked in prior to having children, you may want to consider a change of career into something that piques your interest. To do so, you may need to look into returning to education. This can seem difficult, especially if you have exceptionally young children underfoot, but it is feasible if you are willing to take the time and create a workable routine.

Consider Your Career

While some careers don’t require further education, a number of them do need additional qualifications to allow you to gain the skills and knowledge required of a role. Some careers, such as becoming a nurse, involve tricky manoeuvres, or situations where a person’s life could be in jeopardy, so it is required for you to attend nursing school to minimise the level of risk, and ensure you have the correct training. Doing your research into the career you want, and the educational requirements to do so, can go a long way. This also means that you can start your studying that bit sooner, which can help your graduation to coincide a bit better with your child starting full-time school, giving you the freedom to then start your career.

Think About Time and Cost

Due to the time it takes to gain your qualification, and the potential cost of doing so, it is important that you discuss this with the rest of your family beforehand, to make sure it is feasible. Not only will you need to find the money to pay for your courses, or be eligible for a student loan or scholarship, but then there are also course materials to consider. On top of this, you will need to find the time to do the set work. Some qualifications may be studied from home; however, the majority will require you to attend sessions, which means you will need to have someone on hand to look after your child. 

Practice Self-Care

Being a parent is already a strenuous, yet rewarding, role, even without adding a job or studying on top. When you need to spread yourself even thinner to make sure assignments are handed in on time, but without compromising on your ability to be present and care for your family, you may be at a higher risk of burning yourself out. By practicing a few quick and easy self-care rituals, you can help to protect your mental health, give yourself some peace, and not lose any of your identity through the process. In turn, this can also help you to focus better once you return back to your other tasks.

Gaining a new qualification while parenting a child might not be easy but, by enlisting the help of those around you, and setting yourself up with as much routine as possible, you can do it. Keep your career goals in mind to help yourself stay motivated and gain that certification that makes it all possible.