Romantic Weekend in Newcastle

Romantic Weekend in Newcastle

Newcastle vacation rentals

Hey, Urban Housewives! Hope you guys are all enjoying the swing into March. We’ll be turning the clocks forward soon, and that’s ok with me because that means one step closer to springtime. This spring, my newest travel obsession is undoubtedly a little weekend getaway to Newcastle, or more properly known as Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It pretty much seems like it’d be a weekend right out of The Holiday, except I’d be going there with my husband, of course. Check out these three reasons I’m dying to go to Newcastle this spring!

Newcastle: Great Historical Attractions

So one of the primary reasons I’m itching to take a trip to Newcastle is the plethora of cool historical attractions the city boasts. Number one on my list is definitely the Victoria Tunnel. The Victoria Tunnel is a nineteenth century underground waggon-way that runs all underneath the city. It was originally built to cleanly and efficiently (for the times, at least!) transport coal, but during World War II was converted into an air raid shelter. Amazing, right? Everyone says that a tour of the tunnels is an absolutely must when visiting Newcastle, and so is a reservation! There’s also Wallington Hall, a beautiful old castle home with some amazing and beautiful gardens to roam.

Newcastle: Amazing Parks

One of the best reasons to visit Newcastle is its abundance of adorable and charming little parks. Now, you have to keep in mind that it can get a bit chilly and gray in Newcastle (hello, it’s the UK!) but if you plan right, you can still enjoy a lovely day outside. The late spring, summer and early fall are all warmer seasons during which an outdoor stroll are quite enjoyable. And let’s face it – a moderate to light jacket can go a long way if it gets a little chilly. Or, more enjoyable still, the arm of my husband. Jesmond Dene Park is delightful for a family picnic or a solo trip with a great book. And the Rising Sun Country Park offers room for a scenic stroll – even if it’s through the snow.

Newcastle: Amazing Accommodations

Now, I know it’s a long way to go for the perfect bed and breakfast, but Newcastle boasts so many sweet and charming options that I am willing to make the trip! If you’re looking for Newcastle vacation rentals, the options are seemingly limitless with quiet cottages, quaint barns and adorable bed and breakfasts. It really is a lovely way to escape for a long weekend or an entire week even with the person you love. Sit back, light up the fire and get ready to forget the rest of the world exists.

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