PRINCE2 Tips for Stressed Project Managers

PRINCE2 Tips for Stressed Project Managers


We can all get stressed out at work from time to time. This is especially true on complex, demanding projects that take up a lot of time and see you deal with a seemingly endless series of problems and setbacks.

Working on PRINCE2 projects is enjoyable overall but you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel the stress bearing down on your shoulders from time to time. Fortunately, there are some ways of fighting back that you should be aware of.

Go Back to the Basics

Have you stopped to ask yourself exactly why this project is getting you more stressed out than it was meant to? Is it simply turning out to be more difficult that it was predicted to be, or has something changed that has put the cat among the pigeons?

One of the great things about the PRINCE2 methodology is that it encourages you to plan extensively and to keep lots of records. Therefore, it should be easy to see if something has changed that you need to know about.

Has scope creep reared its ugly head or have some changes not been fully taken into account? If it is a simple case of you misunderstanding the project at the start then you will have learned a painful lesson in how important it is to be completely certain about everything before you start.

Ask for Help

PRINCE2 isn’t a project approach that is designed for you to go it alone. Instead it is meant to be a genuine team effort where you all pull together to get the finest results possible.

So, if you are struggling and kind of stressed put then you know what to do. There are a number of different ways in which you can do this to good effect.

For example, do you have someone in the team ready to take their PRINCE2 Course Cardiff and help you out in a more senior role? Or could you ask senior management to provide you with more resources?  

Prioritise and Stick to the High Priority Tasks

For many project leaders, the most difficult part of any tough piece of work is in working out the order in which to do things. If there is a huge, diverse list of tasks needing done then it can start to get very confusing,

This is why you should look to prioritise as well as you can. Naturally, a well-drawn project plan can help you immensely in this respect, as it will shows you how the milestones are connected and in what order things need to happen.

Once you understand how you need to prioritise your tasks it is then a question of sticking to this order. This can be difficult to do, so you need to work hard to maintain your focus where it should be.

Find a Quiet, Relaxing Place to Work

Is part of the problem due to the noise or constant distractions that you face at work? There is no doubt that it can be tough to concentrate if you work in the midst of a crowd of busy team members who talk and laugh or listen to music all day long.

Yet, the PRINCE2 methodology give you the freedom to step away from the crowd now and then. You could work at home one morning a week or maybe look for a quite space in the staff dining room when no one is around.

By following these tips you should start to feel that you slowly get your stress levels under control. It won’t be an immediate improvement but something that you notice getting gradually better over time.