Planning the Perfect Family Hawaii Vacation

Planning the Perfect Family Hawaii Vacation

Boasting spectacular beaches, perfect weather, and a variety of fun-filled activities, Hawaii is a great choice for a family vacation. There are so many options to choose from, and as with any vacation, a little planning goes a long way towards getting the most out of your trip.

So before you start wistfully thumbing through those photos of Hawaii villas, take a moment to read through our planning tips right here.

Timing Your Trip

First, keep in mind that when you want to go will likely affect the prices of airfare, accommodations, and other local services such as restaurants and equipment rentals. High season runs from mid-December through mid-April, and you should expect higher prices and larger crowds during this time. By scheduling your trip during low season you can avoid the masses, and significantly reduce your overall costs as well.

Choosing an Island

Once you’ve decided when to go, it’s time to choose an island. The Big Island of Hawaii is a popular choice among families, as it offers the largest variety of recreational options to suit everyone’s various needs. Kids will enjoy horseback riding and various water sport activities, and there are fantastic spas and other delights for adults as well.

Maui, on the other hand, is more geared toward adult entertainment. So while it boasts some of the nicest beaches, it offers a bit less for the little ones.

Selecting Accommodations

Now you need a place to stay, and there are lots of choices in virtually every price range. You can rent one of the private Hawaii villas, stay at any of the terrific hotels, or check in to an all-inclusive resort. This last option can be great for families, as it provides many of the services and activities you’d otherwise have to search out on your own. All of that research and hustle time can be better spent with your family, which is the whole point of the trip, right?

Planning What To Do

So now you know when you’re going and where you’re staying – it’s time to consider what you’ll want to do during your vacation. With so many options, it’s important to do some research beforehand to make things easier.

For the best results, include the whole family in this planning stage. Different activities can be widely spread across the islands, so you’ll want to plan realistically based on where you’re staying.

What are the top priorities for each family member? Does dad want to play a few rounds of golf at one of Hawaii’s beautiful courses? Are the kids dead set on whale watching? Planning together will not only prevent disappointment, but will build anticipation and excitement for the upcoming trip.

Pack Enough Protection

Finally, remember that the sun is very strong in Hawaii. It may seem obvious, but many underestimate this factor and aren’t vigilant enough with sunscreen and general protection.

The last thing you want is to be laid up on vacation with a nasty sunburn! This won’t only make you uncomfortable, but the little ones harder to deal with.