Online shopping advice any mom can use

Online shopping advice any mom can use


Modern moms have never had it so easy. Okay, so we still have the same diapers to change, the same chores to undertake, and the same never-ending to do list that our predecessors had, but these days we have an additional weapon in our arsenal – the ability to do our shopping online. The Internet has become an integral part of contemporary life, and there’s very little that can’t be done without its assistance. From ordering groceries, clothing, and electronic items and researching inane facts, to browsing takeaways and watching cat videos, many moms rely on their mobile devices and smartphones to keep in touch with a world beyond children – and we’re reaping the benefits of the convenience that technology gives us.

A mom’s guide to online shopping

If you’ve never shopped online before, allow me to reassure you; not only is online shopping incredibly convenient for moms on the go, but there’s no reason why your experience should be any less enjoyable than heading to a mall on a Saturday afternoon. While it’s true that you can’t reach out and touch, or try on, the products that you’re browsing, the fact that you can buy all manner of items from the comfort of your sofa, or as you multitask, more than makes up for the hassle of leaving the house with kids in tow. If you’re still unsure, allow me to share some of the best online shopping tips that any mom can follow – yes, even you.

Enjoy the experience

First things first. In order to make the most of online shopping you’re going to need to embrace the experience. Rather than treating it as a chore, make yourself a cup of coffee, snuggle down in a cozy corner, and enjoy as much ‘me time’ as the kids will let you get away with. Online shopping allows you to browse whenever you want, dressed how you fancy, and it won’t tire you out like traipsing the stores in real life will. In addition, online shopping can be undertaken regardless of where you are, and you can browse for as long as you’d like without feel suspicious.

Shopping on a budget

Now onto everybody’s favorite topic, budget. When we head out to the shops it’s often with a budget in mind. You may even have the cash that you’re committed to spending curled up in your purse, waiting to see the light of day. If you’re settling down to an afternoon of online shopping it’s essential to pay attention to your budget, and to add up the contents of your basket before you commit to entering card details. Be mindful of shipping and returns fees, and never shop impulsively unless you know you have the cash waiting in your account.

Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deals

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of purchasing the first item you see, or to develop brand loyalty and never stray from the same few sites. While such loyalty is often rewarded don’t ever be afraid to shop around for the best deals. After all, different retailers often offer the same, or similar, products at different prices, and the savviest of shoppers usually come out on top. Rather than sticking to brands and the online department stores that you know, consider sites such as New Easy next time you’re in the market for anything at all; such sites have a great array of products at fantastic prices, with the potential to reduce your bills dramatically.

Be mindful of security as you shop

Just as you should always keep an eye on your purse and bag as you browse the shelves in a bricks and mortar store, it’s essential to be mindful of your money as you shop online. Although online shopping is easy and convenient it isn’t without its risks; fraudsters will take any opportunity they’re given, so protect your information to the best of your abilities. This will involve creating strong passwords, and using unique passwords for each site you access. You will also need to keep a separate email address for your online shopping accounts so that any suspicious activity is noticed quickly, and use sites where authentication and mobile alerts are used to reiterate your purchases. Finally, use credit cards rather than debit cards for their added fraud protection, and close inactive accounts with immediate effect; abandoned accounts are a target for fraudsters, who will, perhaps correctly, assume that you no longer monitor the account’s activity.

Stay savvy and save money

There are plenty of ways that you can save money while shopping online; always scout websites and social media for coupons, never be afraid to contact a retailer to enquire about upcoming discounts, always sign up to your favorite stores’ newsletters, and access cashback apps to earn rewards on your spending. You may also like to sign up for loyalty cards, follow your most visited stores on social media to be kept up to date, and set reminders for sales so you know where to shop and when. It’s perfectly possible to save a fortune online, as long as you know how.

Shopping online isn’t every mom’s cup of tea, but it certainly beats heading out into the cold when you’ve a million other chores to contend with – not to mention uncooperative children and a real desire to stay in your pajamas. By following these simple tips you’ll be able to make the most of online shopping in no time at all, and will begin to reap the benefits immediately.