New Trends in Online Betting

New Trends in Online Betting

Are you aware of the New Trends in Online Betting?

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Online betting has seen a tremendous growth in the last decade, buoyed by the improvements in smartphone and Internet technologies as it has been a major factor. In many ways, it is now possible to stay on top of the bet, making it better for enthusiasts. UK gambling commission for up to September 30, 2015, showed that the online betting and gambling now contributes 29% of the gross yield of £12 billion. It is clear that more and more people prefer online betting since it easier to analyse, keep informed, and bet at the best possible times.

What Are the Latest Online Betting Options?

Football and horse racing continue to dominate the betting scenario with almost £1 billion in revenue for the bookmakers. However, it is clear that a new trend is emerging in the world of online betting and it is to place bets on non-sporting events and other forms of entertainment.

X-Factor – Betting on reality TV shows like X factor is proving to be incredibly popular. Having started in 2004, X factor is one of the most popular shows in the United Kingdom. Betting on a contestant to reach a certain stage in the competition is one of the latest trends in online betting. Apart from being able to bet on finalists, it is even possible to bet on some special situations like on the continuation of X factor the next season, possibility of a change in the judging panel, or change in viewership figures.

Politics – Politicians may be the real winners of an election, but it is possible for ordinary people to make money off an election campaign by placing bets on politicians to win or lose. Everything from the biggest events like the US presidential race to the London mayor race are available to bet upon. One would also find that the odds for the politics betting are significantly better than those you would receive from a sport betting offer.

Online Games – If the ability to bet on the actual sports was not enough, it is possible to bet on the virtual games or online games. They are not actually sport related games like football. Instead, the betting ability on the online games is highly concerned on games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, and Mortal Combat. The world of online games has grown so much in the last two decades that competitions, which are broadcasted live on major sports TV channels, are conducted. Even though such tournaments are usually popular in Asian regions, popular bookmakers now offer the ability to bet on online games.

Sports Personality of the Year – The annual award given by the BBC is also featured when it comes to bookmakers in the United Kingdom. This annual award is given to celebrate the best sportsperson of a year, and it has a 50-year tradition. As a result, it has become more of a spectacle with more people widely discussing the potential candidates to win the title. It has opened up an opportunity to bet with bookmakers providing odds for aspects like first place, second place, or third-place winners.

Reasons for the Popularity

The new trend of online betting on aspects like politics, online games, and X factor contributed just under £200 million to the revenue of the bookmakers. It is a remarkable progress considering that it has contributed almost half the revenue provided by football. Experts are predicting that this number is expected to go up considerably in the next few years. They are the latest hit amongst the online punters, as traditional big guns like bingo and arcade games have started showing a decline in popularity.

The growth in online betting has resulted in several platforms to compare the odds in order to make a great decision. These sites, which are primarily meant to provide more info about actual betting odds, also provide a lot of tips for more informed betting.

Mobile Betting Options

Bookmakers are also starting to ensure that their products are available even on the mobile platforms. You do not have to use a browser in order to access the bookmakers as exclusive apps for popular platforms like iOS and Android provide a great user experience. Statistics show that mobile betting has been on the rise in the last five years, but its growth rate is expected to rise even further in the next five.

Legalisation of Betting

There is also a greater tolerance for betting around the world. Responsible gambling options set up by the bookmakers has been a major factor. The rise in online gambling is also expected to accelerate its legalisation in several countries across the world, with Brazil having further discussions in the government, Romania having introduced stronger gambling regulations in 2015, and other European countries discussing the same topic.