My Man and his New Look

My Man and his New Look


I love pampering. What woman doesn’t? We like to look good and we like to feel good. I can’t even count the amount of bottles and potions in my bathroom, and when I get my nails done I refuse to type properly for days. I’ve spent hours typing out emails with my knuckles so my lovely nail job doesn’t get ruined.

When I first met the man who would become my hubby, he used to get a little moody when I spent ages getting ready. When we were going out, he wouldn’t get a look-in as far as the bathroom was concerned. Obviously, when I emerged in my perfumed and primped glory, he knows the first thing to comment on is how gorgeous I look.

Well recently, I’ve noticed him getting a lot more involved in his own pampering procedure too!

He’s not just shaving ‘when he can be bothered’ any more. He’s a master groomer. In fact, in the morning it’s a scramble for who can get to the bathroom first. If I don’t make it, I’ve got about half an hour of waiting ahead of me while he perfects himself.

I admit it though; it’s nice! Yesterday I spent that time researching American fridge freezers, which a few really cool English companies sell. They’re my new obsession as far as apartment additions go!

I actually read an article that said that male grooming is on the increase. There are better sales of your standard shaving stuff like cream and aftercare products, but also men are making visits to beauty parlours too!

In fact, men are starting to catch up with us ladies in accidents in beauty parlours! And yes, you can have an accident in the beauty parlour. As somebody who once had a hair dye job and ended up with a horrific allergic reaction, I can tell you that being beautiful isn’t always a safe practice!

First4lawyerstook a survey of men who do a bit of pampering, and these are the percentages of lads who went in for a perk up and came out with an injury:

UV tanning (20%)

Spray tanning (16%)

Hair cut or dyeing (13%)

Eyebrow waxing or threading (12%)

Leg waxing (10%)

If the husband of mine decides to join me on my next trip to the beauty parlour, I’ll be running these by him so he knows what could be in store!

I still think my hubby looks great regardless of how much cologne he’s sporting. I’m not complaining though!

Photo Credit: trec_lit