My Family Holiday to Majorca

My Family Holiday to Majorca

Ladies, I have to share this with you. I know that everyone harps on about how their last holiday was the best holiday ever and that you should all go, but honestly if you have ever been on a holiday that can top my last one I would be surprised. 

Majorca was pretty popular last year, with Kate Moss, Sir Bradley Wiggins and the Cameron’s all descending on the Balearic isle last summer. This inspired me to book my trip here in the first place. Hey, if it’s good enough for them, right?

Majorca pops up in everyone’s mind as a sort of classless island, where girls with no knickers on go out to drink almost inhuman amounts of booze, a la ITV’s Magaluf Weekender. However, when you move away from the tourist traps and get away from Magaluf, this beautiful island really comes into its own. We stayed at Club Cala Romani in Calas de Majorca, which is well away from the party type towns. The transfers took an hour, but it means that you don’t run the risk of being kept awake all night by revelers. The hotel offered lots of entertainment, for kids and adults which meant that we could lounge by the pool while they were off making new friends. There are a number of pools, with some smaller ones for little kids if you have younger children. The hotel has a really lovely family vibe.

If you want to relax on beautiful beaches, then the Cala Gran beach on the South East coast is one of the most beautiful, although it’s nice to get around to a few if you are staying for a week or two.

The kids wanted something cool to do while we were there and there’s plenty of stuff to keep them and me occupied. We visited the Palma Aquarium, which has activities for children both young and older.

For us adults, a day trip to the beautiful town of Pollença catered to our needs, with its pretty cobbled streets and beautiful square where the Cameron’s were photographed last year. There’s a market which was quite hectic to visit with children, and a 365 step hill which your kids will try get you to climb and that sometimes holds dramatic torch lit parades.

Another great day out for the whole family was a visit to the Cavern of the Dragon, a 1.5 mile long cave, or Lake Martel which is an underground lake which you boat across!

Everyone loved Mallorca. I can see it being a place we will visit over and over.