Moving to Sydney: The Ultimate Relocation Guide

Moving to Sydney: The Ultimate Relocation Guide

Sydney has many enviable features – beaches, forests, parks and gardens, museums, an arts scene, great restaurants, and beautiful waterways with an optional commute via ferry for many people. There’s definitely a lot to appreciate! This article will provide an overview of things you might need to know before moving to Sydney.


Sydney is known for its beaches – from Manly to Tamarama, Bilgola Freshwater, Bondi, Bronte, Avalon, Shelly Beach, Palm Beach, and many more. Each beach offers a different aspect to the beach-goer, but all of them are good for varying reasons. When moving to Sydney, be prepared to be stunned by the beauty of the beaches on offer.


You will need an Opal card to use Sydney’s public transport system. The bus network is the arteries of the public transport system in Sydney, connecting up the city as a whole, including areas that don’t feature rail or water transport. Between midnight and 4am, the NightRide buses come to your rescue replacing train routes. If you’re driving in Sydney, it’s not too bad – just look out for the many buses and taxis. You’ll find when moving to Sydney that drivers can be courteous by letting you in while changing lanes, but they also love to honk their horns.

Buying and Renting Costs

Sydney is known as Australia’s most expensive city, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find an affordable option for buying or renting in Sydney. The prices will of course depend on the location. At the lower end, you can find a studio or one-bedroom apartment for rent between $400 and $600 per week. But if you’re looking for harbour views, you’ll need to pay a lot more. At the time of writing, the median house price in Sydney is more than $1 million, and $760,000 for apartments. If you’re not fixed on living in the CBD, the hinterland offers more affordable options for moving to Sydney.

Where to Live?

Some of the most popular suburbs to consider when you move to Sydney include Kirribilli, Woolloomooloo, Balmain East, Glebe, Hunters Hill, Rozelle, Birchgrove, Ramsgate Beach, Potts Point and Forest Lodge. When moving to Sydney, it’s worth doing considerable research into possible suburbs to buy or rent before you make your decision.

Work & Education

Being such a large cosmopolitan city, Sydney offers a lot in terms of work and education, with highly reputed places of learning in the city. You couldn’t choose a better place to find work opportunities either, with many people finding themselves moving to Sydney for their dream job.

Crime Rates

The rate of crime in Sydney is mostly quite low, with a very high degree of safety for walking at home alone at night. Of course, it’s still a good idea to take precautions to keep safe when moving to Sydney, but the low crime rate makes it a pretty safe city overall.


Sydney has a strong arts, music and dining scene, meaning it’s a delight for leisure time. Unwind at a restaurant near the harbour after work and take in all the beautiful sights.

Worth it?

Overall, moving to Sydney is a decision that you won’t regret. It offers great work and education opportunities, as well as excellent activities for leisure, plus amazing beaches. While housing can be pricey in Sydney, it really is the only price you’ll pay for a luxurious, enjoyable lifestyle.