Modern Design: 5 Freestanding Bathtubs that will Suit Your Modern Remodel Perfectly

Modern Design: 5 Freestanding Bathtubs that will Suit Your Modern Remodel Perfectly

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as the sight of a pristine freestanding tub filled with warm water under the flicker of candlelight.

Unlike showers or shower/tub combos, freestanding tubs serve one purpose only and that is to bathe. Because of this, freestanding tubs very existence suggests ample time to relax and rejuvenate.

Before showers became an everyday fixture in the 1960s  tubs were the only options available to people had to wash themselves. This meant that when showers became common, freestanding tubs quickly fell out of style in favor of the modern look and ease of showering.

However, like many things, tubs eventually came back in style for the very reason they once fell out of style. The quick and practical shower was no match to a long, relaxing soak in a deep, freestanding soaker tub.

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the beauty and indulgence of having a freestanding tub installed in your bathroom, you have the option of a few styles. To better help you narrow down what style may best fit for you, we have five of the most popular freestanding bathtub styles for you to choose from.

1. Alcove tubs

While the idea of an alcove tub may remind you of your first apartment, these modern beauties are anything but ordinary. Built-in nooks allow for candles or even an electric fireplace and many people opt to build the tub beside a larger picture window or with a skylight for natural light.

2. Clawfoot tubs

The classic, romantic style of a clawfoot tub is reinvented with smoother lines and intricate, contrast colored feet. Instead of having a faucet tossed in at the end, many of these tubs use dramatic, freestanding faucets that are placed at the mid-point of the tub instead of the head.

3. Angled freestanding tubs

The angled tub style has one high, sloped side that offers support for your back, neck, and head. This ultra-relaxing design screams for you to slide into a hot bubble bath. It’s a surprisingly versatile design that can be styled to look romantic or to look sleek and modern. These tubs change style depending on the accessories and style of the room they’re placed in, making them a great compromise style for someone looking to marry modern and romantic styles.

4. Oval freestanding tubs

The undeniably modern oval style is a classic take on the freestanding tub. The deep, sleek style of oval tubs was popularized by movies and celebrities and is now being seen in many homes across America. The curved lines of the tub offer a great contrast in a modern, minimalist bathroom with lots of hard angles. Kardiel modern tubs are a great example of this style.

5. Rectangular freestanding tub

The opposite of the oval tub, the rectangular freestanding tub has hard angles and molded edges to give it the appearance of an old-world piece of furniture, more so than a bathroom fixture. Contrast the elegant simplicity of a rectangular freestanding tub with soft, spherical lighting fixtures and roman shades to mollify the sharp lines and give the space a luxurious feel.

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