A Little Help for Would-Be Adventurers

A Little Help for Would-Be Adventurers

Does your imagination sometimes run away with you? Do you sometimes fantasise about living the high life. Does the dream involve glamorously skiing in the Alps, daringly parachuting over Caribbean coastlines or diving deep beside the Great Barrier Reef? And then do you wake up and realise that in order to do any of those things you need to learn how to ski, how to skydive and that you don’t actually know which way round to wear a wetsuit?

   by  Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten 

Some things are easier said than done.

On the plus side, there is lots of help around if you know where to look for it. I can’t deliver on adventure sports but I did come across something the other day that is more realistic, more affordable and every bit as much of a buzz.

Online gambling apps are becoming ever more mainstream in all sorts of ways. What they can give you – in a nutshell – is instant excitement. But I do have to admit that the world of online gaming can at first be a little confusing. If you don’t know your blackjack from you baccarat, how are you supposed to get started? It’s like being left on the boat with your wetsuit on the wrong way round whilst everyone else is off having all the fun. Who wants that?

The good news is that more and more providers are recognising that there are plenty of us domestic would-be adventurers who just need that little bit of help – a kind of betting assistant to help us slip into the flow without making an embarrassing splash. For example, the Betfair Betting Assistant is an app that allows you to streamline your betting activity whilst safeguarding you against silly mistakes. The fact that it is available as a free trial makes it all the more of a perfect fit.

Modern life’s hectic pace means that we all have to find our fun in the most convenient, bite-sized chunks possible. Never mind a fortnight in Hawaii, half-an-hour online is often as good as it gets. That’s why it makes sense to take advantage of all the help there is out there to max out on your online opportunities.

It may not be quite the same as an Alpine adventure or a submarine safari, but if all you have is a half hour on a sofa it’s probably as good as it gets. And what’s more it doesn’t matter which way round your clothes are.