How You Can Spend Less Money on Utilities

How You Can Spend Less Money on Utilities

When it comes to costs around the home there are some that you simply can’t avoid, the first is obviously your rent or mortgage, the second is urgent repairs that need doing, third is the contents and building insurance that your home has and the last one is utilities. Electricity, gas and water amount to one of the biggest monthly expenditures that you make and you have absolutely no choice about paying them. The good news however is that with a bit of smart thinking, you can bring down how much money you spend each month on your utilities and here are some great tips on how to do so.


Switching Providers

The best place to start when you’re trying to save money is to look at switching your providers. There is so much competition in these industries now that many offer fantastic deals to clients who leave their old providers and switch to them, what you will also find is that many companies who are looking to retain your services will alter your deal to keep you. There are some great websites where you can compare prices between various providers, start here first.

Go Solar

When it comes to electricity costs and how you can best minimize them, switching to solar energy is a great way for you to save some money. The solar power revolution is really gaining speed and more and more people are opting to have solar panels placed in their home to harness the energy of the sun’s rays. Contrary to popular belief you don’t nee dot live in an area that is basking in sunshine to benefit from this type of energy. Sunnova are a company who offer the panels and the installation at great prices and their clients are saving on average, 20% each year on their electricity bills, an incredible saving, check out the Sunnova solar reviews to see what other positive things their customers have been saying about solar power.

Heating in the Home

When it comes to saving money on your heating costs in the home you should be looking at doing things like closing doors to keep the heat in and putting on extra layers when you feel cold. Another important way to save money is by turning off radiators in rooms that aren’t used often, it seems foolish to pay for money to heat the whole house when you will only be using one or two rooms.


When it comes to saving money on electricity you need to ensure that you’re conscious of how much lighting you are using around the house. Make sure that you turn lights off when you are not using them and consider using lamps that burn less energy as opposed to a light that will illuminate a whole room. Another great way to save money is to switch your light bulbs to energy saving or LED bulbs. Switching the entire house to these bulbs will save you quite a bit each month.