How You Can Get That Smile You Always Wanted

How You Can Get That Smile You Always Wanted

We are constantly bombarded in the media with images of celebrities and models with perfect teeth, white, straight and generally beautiful, we all know that life isn’t really like that and many of us are embarrassed by the color or the shape of our teeth. 2 years ago I was in exactly the same boat, I had hated my teeth for years, truth be told I didn’t care for them as well as I should have and ended up with crooked and somewhat yellow teeth. I went to see my local cosmetic dentist, Dr. Peter Spennato who in just 3 sessions turned my smile beautiful with some glorious porcelain veneers. Don’t get me wrong, I absolute adore my smile but I do always envy those who have a beautiful smile that is all their own. If you are in the same boat as I was then here are some options for you to get that smile you have always wanted.



Despite the notion that braces are just for spotty youngsters, they can also be used very successfully for adults, whilst teeth aren’t as inclined to move in adulthood as in childhood, you can still alter the shape of your teeth this way. Braces can be fitted for anywhere between 6 months and 2 years depending on how much movement your teeth need, they are relatively painless too as they move your teeth very gradually. If you don’t like the idea of rocking some braces then you can opt for another method called Invisalign, it is a gum shield like piece that fits over your teeth, you dentist will custom make it to move your teeth where they need to go. The benefit of this is that nobody is able to see it in your mouth.


If you don’t want to waste any time, and want an instantly better looking smile then veneers could be for you. There are two types of veneers that you can opt for, porcelain veneers which are durable and stain free or composite veneers which have a history of breaking and their longevity isn’t certain. Naturally the composites are cheaper than the veneers. Before deciding on whether veneers are for you, bear in mind that there is no going back to your natural teeth afterwards, the dentist will shave down your existing teeth to accommodate the veneers. This is an slightly expensive option but with give you instant and beautiful results.


For a less invasive approach to giving you a bright white smile then you could consider going for some professional whitening. the most common form of whitening is to use a chemical on your teeth that stains them a bright white, these aren’t permanent so you will need to return in the future for more treatments if you wish to keep those teeth nice and white. This is a great option for those who have well shaped teeth but have discoloration, it is also a great option if you are planning on going to an event where you will have lots of photos taken.