How To Find a Family Lawyer During Lockdown

How To Find a Family Lawyer During Lockdown

When it comes to family lawyers, Melbourne has a great range of law firms that have had to close doors and switch up their operations in order to survive during lockdown.

Whilst the legal teams may have changed the way that they work, the need for legal advice for many family members hasn’t changed, making it tougher for them to find the right lawyers. Family lawyers can still be found during lockdown however, and here is how.

Online Services

What most lawyers have done is move to an online service in order to help their clients. Law Firms like Testart were one of the first to do this, switching their meetings with clients to video calls. Contrary to what many of you may think, law firms can still offer a high quality service in this way. Much of what lawyers will do for you involves paperwork and legal documentation, which they are still able to do even if they are working from home. Search for local lawyers which can help you and see if they offer something similar to what Testart is doing.

Getting in Touch on Social Media

Social media isn’t the usual medium through which law firms operate, but during lockdown family lawyers have been forced to tweak things so that they can continue to deliver a great service to clients. Social media is also a one-stop shop to find lawyers and see what people are saying about them. Additionally you can use social media platforms to reach out to the law firms and get advice and support on how to proceed with your situation.

Data Concerns

Even though so many family lawyers have switched to a digital service, the sharing of sensitive information and data may still be a concern for you. If you are in any doubt at all about this then speak openly with your lawyer to find the most secure way of relaying this information. This could be hand-delivered paperwork which gives you the protection you need, or additional encryption for video calling which will ensure that anything said remains between you and your lawyer.

Slower Process

There is no doubt that the changes which lawyers have had to make, have brought some disadvantages, which really couldn’t be avoided. In terms of family lawyers Melbourne firms have seen a slow down in the way that a case is processed. This is of course down to the lack of staffing in the courts and the closures which have been made following the beginning of the pandemic. Whilst the process may be somewhat slower than it usually would, cases can still be processed and individuals can still count on law firms to support them through this time.

These are tough times of course, but if you do need a family lawyer then you can count on the fact that they are still working, even during lockdown.