How to Become a Professional Gambler

How to Become a Professional Gambler


Imagine the lifestyle. You can get up when you want, work when you want, live where you want and make money in an exciting and glamorous way. Such is the life of a professional gambler, which thousands of people live around the world on a daily basis.

But how do you do it exactly and what does it entail? lifts the lid on the professional gambling world and ventures into it to make a few suggestions on how it could become a reality.

No Formal Education

You can’t go to school to become a professional gambler nor is there any type of official degree that qualifies you to do so. In fact most professionals make their start through self-education and figuring out gambling for themselves. Finding other inspiring people to learn from and observe is crucial in learning any skill, gambling included. Finding a mentor will help you improve your game, develop your skills and round-out your strategy.


To get places in the gambling world, both offline and on, you’re going to need to make contacts. That’s why it’s important to write your aims and objectives down, communicate to people what you’re hoping to do and network with people who can help you find your way.

Although gambling might appear to be quite a solitary profession, especially for those who favour staying at home and playing bgo’s slot games, it can actually help to meet people and get on the radar of other successful players.

Stepping Up From Hobbyist to Professional

Perhaps the most difficult transition to make is the step from hobbyist to professional in the gambling world. Hit professional level and you’ll start living with the kind of autonomy you seek but the road there can be bumpy and you have to prepared to take on the set-backs and keep pushing.

The early days will see you having to look to alternative sources of income to get by but once established, with plenty of experience and contacts under your belt, you can use the momentum to make the leap.

Practicing Good Habits

Going professional requires being super disciplined with yourself, establishing your boundaries and limitations and working hard each day until you finally reach your goal. Entering into the gambling world you’ll have to especially pick up the key skills of managing your bank roll and playing with consistency. You’ll also have to watch out you don’t get swept away by the thrill of the game and that you take care of your body and mind appropriately.

The professional gamblers lifestyle is one worth pursuing but like all things requires persistence, dedication and self-belief. Train hard with your goal in mind and one day you could be living the dream as a stay-at-home housewife who works a couple of hours a day to bring home the bacon.

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