How to Add More Storage in Your Condo Apartment

How to Add More Storage in Your Condo Apartment


If you live in a Montreal condo, you’ll need to use some creativity to maximize the space you have. With good organization skills and a bit of creativity, you can make your compact home look and feel spacious.


Here are some ideas you can try:

  1. Purchase double-duty furniture

A good example of this kind of furniture would be ottomans that double as shelves. Under the seating cushions are storage spaces that have plenty of space and can hide away a lot of things, like books and magazines.

  1. Place your bike indoors

This is especially helpful if you do not have a parking space in your condo building. If your bike looks attractive enough, you can hang it up or park it against a wall in your living room and serve as a decoration. Not only are you saving parking space, you are also adding beauty to your home.

  1. Use any unused space

Take an otherwise unused space and store something in it so as not to waste it. Do you have extra spaces in your bathroom cabinet? Why not store towels in it? Unused drawers in your living room? Store guest slippers in there. There are many ways to use up tiny spaces that are left vacant all the time.

  1. Remove closet doors

Another use of wasted space: if you do not need the closet space, consider covering up a closet door with a cloth or a curtain, so that you do not need to have a space for it to open and close. A sofa or a side table could use that space instead.

  1. Store books in an unused fireplace

If your place has a fireplace that is not needed anyway, especially in the summertime, consider decoratively placing a bookshelf or bookshelves in there.

  1. Use a sofa bed

If you have a studio-type apartment, it’s better to use a sofa bed instead of having a separate bed. As you can imagine, this will save up so much space, as you will just have to expand it at night and store the mattress under the sofa seats during the day. You also don’t need to have a designated bedroom.

  1. Use a wall hung storage

A wall hung storage can be helpful and will minimize the need of actual storage. Small stuff like pens, pins, magnets, and others can be stored in it. You can make it not look like it’s about to explode and messy by limiting the number of items you store in it.

  1. Get tall cabinets

Tall shelves and cabinets are absolutely necessary when making the most out of a small space. The higher, the better. Plus it could also double as a room divider if it reaches up to the ceiling. Just make sure that the cabinets are measured well before buying them.