How Mompreneurs Balance Both Family and Careers

How Mompreneurs Balance Both Family and Careers

Being both a mother and a career-woman are two full-time jobs that require focused attention, time, and dedication. It is not easy to balance both caring for a family and working full-time; however, in this day and age, many families need two incomes to afford a family, leaving many moms with the task of learning how to balance both work and family.

For many, it can be extremely difficult to work a traditional job, as the hours often are not flexible enough for raising a family. As such, many moms are now going the entrepreneur route, starting businesses and joining startups that allow them to work from their home on their own time.

While starting a small business or working for a business remotely is more flexible than a traditional job, it can still be difficult to find the time to parent and care for your children while also completing your business tasks.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your time effectively, learning how to balance both work and home.

Finding a Routine

For most working moms, they know that their time will be interrupted during pick-up and drop-off for their kids, after school activities, afternoon and evening family time, and other kid-related activities.

Many moms find it difficult to get into the “work mindset” knowing that their time is divided, as it does break up the work day into shifts. If you can establish a routine, though, you can begin getting into a daily rhythm, which can help you be productive and efficiently finish tasks.

Invest in the Right Tools


Business requires a lot of time and dedication, especially if you are hoping to yield a profit. Whether or not you are working as a consultant for a company or working to launch your own startup, if you do not put time into the basics, there will not be much of an outcome in terms of growth and income.

Many grow overwhelmed at the amount of tasks they have to complete each day to promote and sustain their business, especially when juggling a family schedule. Instead of attempting to do everything on your own, look into investing in the right tools. If you run a salon out of your home, for example, investing in hair salon software would help free up your time, as the software takes care of the day-to-day tasks of scheduling appointments, sending out reminders, etc.

Other tools that are worthwhile are social media scheduling apps, as you can schedule social media posts weeks in advance, time management apps, financial apps, and other services that can reduce the time you spend on each task. This efficiency can allow you to work smarter rather than harder.

Weekend Work

While many moms tend to grow discouraged at the thought of having to work on the weekends, working a few hours can help you accomplish quite a few tasks you may have been unable to complete during the week. Many moms have found success with working a couple hours over the weekend while the kids spend some quality time with their dad during the morning hours so that the whole family can spend time together in the afternoon and evening.

Keep a Record of Time

Time management can be difficult if you do not actually know how much time you are spending on certain tasks. Each day, track the time you spend with your children and the time you spend working. Many people are surprised actually at how much time they are spending with their children, which can help ease any guilt or worry they have over working. Additionally, you can see how many hours a week you are working, which can help you learn to be more efficient with your time.

Bring Your Kids to Work

If your job requires any errands you need to run, such as going to the post office, packing products, or going to the store, try to involve your kids in the work. You are completing work related tasks while also getting the opportunity to spend more time with your kids.

Above all, when it comes to time management, find a balance you feel comfortable with so you can enjoy both your stay-at-home job and motherhood.

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