Help Your Daughter Throw A Successful Sleepover For The First Time

Help Your Daughter Throw A Successful Sleepover For The First Time

If your daughter is having her very first sleepover then the challenge is on for you to take responsibility and be a cool parent when helping her get planned. Sleepovers are an important part of a child’s life, it gives them the chance to create beautiful memories with their friends, stay up late, and generally do things that they wouldn’t normally be allowed to do. As a parent however, it can be tough to ensure that you get the sleepover just right, especially given its importance. A girl who throws a great sleepover can count on elevated social status, and we know how important that is for young girls. To make sure everything goes well, here are some tips on getting organized.


Snacking and filling their faces with sugary treats is part and parcel of a sleepover, so you need to make sure that your game is on point. Ordering a pizza on the night is the best bet here, and prior to the big day, you should be stocking up on chocolate, popcorn, candy and anything else which you would normally never allow in such abundance. Nobody wants to be doing a snack run late at night, so get prepped.


With a boys sleepover, you can be sure that they will be entertained for hours with simple things, and that they will probably play fight and wrestle for most of the evening. With girls however, things are a little bit different, they like to play games and get involved in activities. Generally speaking the girls will love to dress up, put make up on and try out new hairstyles. With this in mind, you need to make sure that they have all of the equipment that they need for their beauty session, and you can pick up lots of cheap bits and pieces in bargain shops, which will be enough to keep them entertained. The girl’s may even want to spend a night being a fashionista, designing and trying to make their own clothes, you can find an amazing selection of yarn online, which is the perfect material for them to make small garments.


For me there are only two options in terms of entertainment for girls, a karaoke machine or a few great movies, I would plan for both. Girls love to sing songs with and to each other, so a karaoke machine is sure to go down an absolute storm. With the movies, there is no prep required as you can find just about any movie that you want online. Take a poll with the kids and see who wants to watch what, and then simply rent, stream or download whichever movie takes their fancy.

Sleeping Arrangements

Don’t worry about the sleeping arrangements as kids will just make themselves comfortable wherever they see fit. Just ensure that there are enough sleeping bags and enough space, plus plenty of pillows for fighting and for sleeping. As long as the girls have a place to lie and something to put over them, they will be just fine.

The  most important aspect of the sleepover is leaving the kids alone, check in of course to make sure everything is ok, other than that just let them be.