Great Family Friendly Activities That Can Be Enjoyed By All Ages

Great Family Friendly Activities That Can Be Enjoyed By All Ages

If you are looking for some family friendly activities to do with your children, look no further! 

Studies have shown that children who spend quality time with their families are more well-adjusted later on in life. One way to spend quality time as a family is to have a family night.

To give you some ideas of fun things that you and your family can do for family night, we have compiled a list of activities that everyone in the family would enjoy doing.

Get ready to have some fun!

1. Family Friendly Activities: Movie Night

There are very few people that do not enjoy watching movies. To make movie night family friendly, watch a variety of movies that are popular with both children and adults. Of course, you have the option of watching a new movie at the movie theaters. Still, we advise that you stay home, order a bunch of movies and some pizza, pop some popcorn, stay in your pajamas, and kick back and relax on your living room couch with your family while watching movies.

2. Game Night

Another activity that the entire family can do together at home is a family game night. Bring out all the classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Taboo, Clue, etc. Trust us, you will have everyone in your family having fun in no time!

3. Going to a Play

Why not take your entire family on a night out on the town and enjoy a performance at your local theater. To make your family feel special, you could even dress up and order a limo service for all of you to ride in to and from the theatre.

4. Arts and Crafts

Something fun that you and your kids can enjoy doing together at home is arts and crafts. Simply go to a crafting store, look up some DIY kid’s projects online, buy the appropriate art supplies from a crafting store, and you are good to go.

5. Volunteer

A great family activity to do with your children is volunteering. Volunteering is a great family activity because it teaches your children that joy can come from giving back to others.

6. Ride Bikes

Riding bikes is a great way to do something with the whole family while also being active. You and your family can ride bikes around your neighborhood, the local park, or a local lake. You can even purchase tandem bicycles for your family to ride on as a bonding experience.

7. Go Out to Eat

Food is a great tool to use to bring people together. If you are not the greatest cook but you still want to have a meal with your family, simply go out to eat at a restaurant.

8. Cook/Bake

If you are into cooking or baking, why not cook and/or bake with your entire family. You can even create a fun menu ahead of time with a theme. For example, you can have sushi night or Italian night.

You could even make things competitive and have your own family cooking/baking contest.

9. Picnic

If the weather is nice outside where you live, you can go to your backyard or a local park and have a picnic with your family. Just buy a blanket and a picnic basket and place some of your favorite family dishes in it and you are ready to go.

10. Go Bowling

Bowling is always a fun activity to do with your family. You can even create your own family bowling team.

Always Consider the Children

With all these family friendly activities that you can choose from the sky is the limit on how fun your family night can be. Just make sure that you take into account the ages of your children and their personalities and preferences when deciding on an activity for family night. The more the kids are enjoying the activity, the better off family night will be.

To learn more tips and tricks for managing your family in a way that is fun for everyone, check out the parenting section on our website.