Give Your Home a Cozy Feel with Rustic Decor

Give Your Home a Cozy Feel with Rustic Decor

Have you ever been in someone’s home and immediately felt right at home? Some people have a knack for decorating their homes in such a way that it invites nostalgia, gives you a warm, cozy feeling, and makes you feel comfortable. Having a home that looks like it belongs in a magazine is possible for anyone, including you. With some reflection on what types of decor you want to use, some planning and a little hunting, you can have a rustic chic look in your home that will have your guests raving for years.

Plot Your Layout

When figuring out how to incorporate rustic shabby chic in your home, one of the first things you should do is decide which rooms you want to highlight. Maybe you want your entire home to have a cozy, rustic feel or perhaps you only want to focus your decorating efforts in your kitchen, which is one of the most lived-in rooms in any home. However you choose to decorate, it’s best to have an idea where you want to focus your decor so you know what items to look for to go in each room.

Go into Detail

After you’ve mapped out which rooms you want to focus on, go into detail with each room regarding how you envision the finished product to look. Do you want to add a splash of rustic shabby chic here and there, or do you want to completely redo your rooms? Whether you’re adding finishing touches here and there or are repainting, reflooring, and redecorating your entire home will help determine your budget and how scope of the project.

Find a Wow Factor

Each room should have a wow factor, or conversation piece. Something that will catch people’s attention and make a lasting impression. Whether you install a hammered copper farmhouse basin sink in your kitchen, invest in a barn wood farmhouse table for your dining room, install a perfect claw foot tub in your bathroom, or make a wagon wheel the centerpiece of your living room, adding a large piece to each room is good way to tie the rustic theme together throughout your home.

Incorporate Antiques

Part of the charm of rustic shabby chic has decor is its nostalgic, farmhouse feel, and what better way to accomplish that than by incorporating antiques into your decor? An old sewing machine, some old family photos, a beautiful wooden Victrola, or even used farm equipment can find its place in a rustic home. Scour your local flea markets, yard sales, and secondhand stores to find hidden treasures that would look perfect in your home. With a little work and a keen eye, you’ll have that rustic look you love ogling in magazines.