Five Easy Ways to Decorate the Walls of Your Home

Five Easy Ways to Decorate the Walls of Your Home

If your home is looking a bit tired and you do not have much time available, updating the wall décor is the ideal approach. Potentially, you can freshen up the walls of a room in under an hour. Plus, as you will see when you read on it need not cost you much money.

Use printed metal or paint signs

Street signs are bright and colorful. So, it is easy to freshen up a room using them. They work particularly well for a workout space, home office or kid’s bedroom. You can buy hundreds of different types from somewhere like mysecuritysign. They sell stop, one way, men at work, traffic lights and many other iconic signs that would look good in most homes.

It is also possible to order customized signs. So, for example, you could order a “No” sign that says something like “No bugging me” to put on the door of your den or home gym. There are plenty of different formats available, so with a little imagination, you can design fun signs for your home.

Make better use of your photos

In 2018, it is estimated that 1 trillion photos were taken. So, unsurprisingly, most of us have hundreds of photos sitting on our phones and other devices doing nothing. There are lots of ways you can use these to decorate your walls.

Canvas Prints

Sending them off to a professional printer to be turned into canvas prints is the most popular option. Potentially, they can be put up anywhere in the home. They also make good gifts, especially for family members.

Photo Collages

There are many different types of photo collages you could create. So, it is not hard to come up with a design that fits in with the style of any room. For example, frameless versions work really well for modern rooms. It is possible to use free software like Gimp to create your design before you pay to print it out. There are plenty of tutorials available that explain exactly how to do this.

Create matching color panels

It is also possible to create your own color and feature panels. If you have a patterned sofa or carpet, try taking a high-resolution photo of it and having it printed out. The resulting print can then be stretched across a frame and mounted on your wall. This is a very effective way to pull the various elements of a room together to create a more harmonious look.

Put your craft skills to use

If you, or another family member, enjoy crafting consider using your skills to create unique wall art for your home. All kinds of things can be mounted on your walls. Whether you are good at painting, macramé or woodwork the potential is there for you to decorate your walls with your creations.

More sources of inspiration

The above are just a few suggestions. There are plenty of other possibilities. Uncovering them is just a case of being observant. When you visit other people’s houses, business premises, museums and exhibitions take the time to really look at what is on the walls. You will be surprised by how many extra ideas you pick up by doing this.