Family Game Night! Top 10 Games to Guarantee a Good Time

Family Game Night! Top 10 Games to Guarantee a Good Time

Even in trying times, laughter decreases stress, increases infection-fighting antibodies, and improves our overall well-being.

What better way is there to laugh as a family than to play silly games together? While improving our health, having fun together can improve relationships and bonds.

Keep reading to find 10 of the best fun family games your group can play as a unit.

Considerations Before You Start

Before you choose games to play as a family, it’s wise to get everyone’s input on what they enjoy.

You can’t force family fun. It’s better to ask what everyone would like to do and find commonality before starting.

Choose games that are age-appropriate so that everyone can play equally. From there, establish clear rules (even if you have to read them online) so that you don’t run into any squabbles.

1. Drawing Games

All you need for these are writing utensils and paper.

You can play classic drawing games like Pictionary, where one person draws something and others try to guess what it is along the way.

Alternatively, you can play the following game which has no name (that we know of):

  • Have everybody write a silly sentence on the top of a piece of paper
  • Pass it to the right
  • Draw the image of the sentence you’re reading
  • When finished, fold the top of the paper backward so that you can only see the picture
  • Pass it to the right
  • Write a sentence to describe the picture you see
  • Fold the picture over so that you can only see the last sentence
  • Pass it to the right
  • Keep going until you’ve gone around the entire circle

This is basically like a drawing version of the game “telephone” and it can get very hilarious.

2. Thinking Games

Thinking games are a great way to engage your family’s minds while also learning more about each other.

You can ask questions like “would you rather”, “what 3 things would you bring to a stranded island”, and “20 questions”.

For a bigger challenge, look up mind benders and riddles for everyone to try. If you’re playing games with younger members, you can always play “I spy”.

3. Memory Games

Our memories are like a muscle: they have to be exercised for them to work.

You can play memory games by putting handfuls of random items on a tray. Let everyone look at the tray and try to memorize what’s there. After 5-15 seconds (depending on age), have everyone close their eyes.

Then, remove a couple of items and let them guess what’s missing.

4. Table Games

If your family is really into play-time bonding, you should consider investing in some table games like ping pong, pool, and shuffleboard.

You can find smaller versions of these so that they don’t take up too much room in your home. Be sure to read about the rules of the game so that you know how to use the equipment and everyone can be on equal playing fields.

For example, if you get table shuffleboard, you’ll want to review these shuffleboard table rules.

5. Physical Games

Games that involve movement let everyone challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Take the game “Bag” for example. In this game, you start with a brown paper shopping bag open and upright on the ground.

Give everyone a turn trying to pick it up with their mouth while standing on one foot. Once everyone’s succeeded, use scissors to cut an inch strip off of the bag to make it more difficult.

Depending on your family’s abilities, you may make it to the bottom of the bag. Either way, it will be a blast trying this challenge.

Another option for a physical game is “Junk in the Trunk”. For this, you’ll need a few empty tissue boxes, a few belts, scissors, and a handful of balls.

Using the scissors, cut tiny slits in the back of the tissue box so that you can fit a belt through it. The idea is to have the tissue box sitting just above your bum when you put on the belt.

Then, cut the top of the tissue box a little wider so that you can put a few balls inside.

Put on some music and have two people put the tissue box belts on. Take turns shimmying and shaking to try to bounce all of the balls out of the box.

It may sound ridiculous but it’s quite difficult and entertaining.

6. Card Games

Card games are a classic go-to for family fun. There’s a reason why: you can play hundreds of different games with one deck.

Teach your family how to play “Go Fish”, “Spades”, “Spoons”, or “Rummy”. You can easily find the instructions online.

7. Board Games

If you’re stocked up on board games, try playing one you haven’t touched in a while.

This may be “Sorry”, “Monopoly”, “Life”, or anything else your family enjoys. Try to space out when you play board games so that they remain fun.

8. Acting Games

To give each family member the spotlight, play a game of Charades.

The “actor” will write down a word or phrase on paper and hide it. Then, they will act out the phrase for others to guess.

Writing down the answer is a good way to prevent any arguments or fibbing along the way.

9. Challenge Games

Want to get everyone into the competitive spirit?

Try playing a challenge game against a timer to see who does the best. You can try stacking fruit, toys, or anything you can find.

At the end of the timer, the person with the highest tower wins.

10. Puzzles

Decide what size puzzle suits your family’s abilities. Younger children are more engaged when the pieces are bigger and easier (plus, there won’t be any choking hazards). Either way, be sure to include everyone in the puzzle choosing process so that each person will be into it.

Clear a flat surface where everyone can gather around. Then, work together to solve a puzzle.

You don’t have to finish the puzzle in one night — it can be a recurring game that everyone works on overtime.

Try These Fun Family Games Tonight

With these ideas of fun family games, you can play, pick the ones that suit your family and give them a try.

Establish rules, encourage good sportsmanship, and have a blast spending time together.

Keep reading our blog for more ideas to bring your family together.