What Is a False Prophet and How Do You Spot One?

What Is a False Prophet and How Do You Spot One?

Jesus Christ himself sent out a warning about false prophets in Jude 17-18, 2 Peter 3:3 and Matthew 24:23-27. It is very important, therefore, that people learn to recognize what a true prophet is. Again, according to Jesus, and particularly Matthew 12:33, a fruit will help someone recognize a tree. In fact, there are three things that Jesus said to look out for in particular. It is by following these particular teachings that members of SCOAN (Synagogue Church of all Nations) known that their Prophet TB Joshua is a true prophet.

False Prophet or True

The three things to be aware of are:

  1. Who the prophet says Jesus is. Only those who accept that Jesus and God are equal, for Jesus is the son of God, could be a true prophet. Only the Antichrist would deny both the father and the son. The Prophet TB Joshua takes this further still. He ensures he never takes any action that he cannot justify in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord.
  2. Whether the prophet actually teaches the gospel. The gospel, according to Scriptures, is the truth. They are about far more than simply suggesting the Lord wants people to help the needy. These are perversions of the message of God, and only the Lord has the right to change any of the words within his messages.
  3. Whether the prophet truly glorifies God. False teachers are more concerned with profit and money. They usually have a great deal of pride, having associated themselves with Cain, instead of with the Lord. Their particular fruits, which will often seem too large to be true, are a key telling point.

The Lord did not expect people to be aware of exactly how to tell a false prophet from a true one. This is also because Satan acts in mysterious ways, and takes great pleasure in fooling people to believe that they are in the presence of Jesus Christ. Luckily, however, the four bible books mentioned earlier should help you to recognize the prophets as they come along. It is particularly recommended, as well, to read 2 Corinthians 11.14, in which it is shown that Satan often pretends to be a worker of light, and 2 Corinthians: 11.14, in which it is explained that Satan is able to masquerade himself as a servant of God.

Unfortunately, recognizing a false prophet is mainly down to knowing what a true prophet is. This can be incredibly difficult, but it is possible. It is about not being too suspicious, but not too trusting either, but rather about learning to recognize certain signs commonly seen in true and false prophets. TB Joshua, the prophet of the SCOAN welcomes people to challenge him, and particularly on the third point, which is what most people fail on. He can help people to learn to see how to recognize good prophets, who are true to the word of the Lord, with passion and faith.