Everything You Need to Know About Using Wood Flowers For Your Wedding

Everything You Need to Know About Using Wood Flowers For Your Wedding

Flowers are a big part of your wedding budget. In fact, they can make up about 10 percent of your budget. Not only do flowers make up a large part of your budget, but they also can create your theme and capture the look you’ve always wanted on your special day.

What if you could keep those flowers and get unique flowers customized to your liking? Have you considered wood flowers?

Keep reading to learn more about why you should buy wood flowers for your wedding flowers.

What Are Wooden Flowers?

When you think of wedding flowers, wood flowers may not come to mind. You may think they are hard, carved creations, but that’s not necessarily true.

Wooden flowers are typically made from the wood of a marshy plant called Asechynomena aspera, Sola, or Shola. The wood stem is harvested from this flowering plant to make hats and now flowers. You may even find wooden flowers from cassava plants.

The wood is extremely lightweight, so you can easily cut and shape the wood into various designs. The flowers feel like foam or cork and weigh virtually nothing. You may even see veins or knots in the flower petals which are made from the plant’s roots, and add a higher level of authenticity to your decor and bouquet.

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Benefits of Wood Flowers

You and your fiance are unique, and you want your flower arrangement to be the same—special. There are plenty of benefits to using wooden flowers for your decor and flower bouquets at your wedding.

Use Any Flowers During Any Season

Having a winter wedding but really want some peonies in your bouquet? No problem! You would probably have a hard time getting these flowers using traditional florals.

You can get any flower you want no matter what time of year. Want dahlias in the early spring? Sure, all you have to do is pick the color. You are not limited to seasonal flowers if you buy wood flowers.

Save on Flowers

As mentioned above, flowers are a large part of your wedding day budget. Wood flowers look real but can save you money. You don’t have to compromise anything to stay budget-savvy!

Customize Your Flowers

You can have a difficult time matching your wedding day color choices with traditional florals at times. But, by using wood, you can take a color swatch and have your florals any color you want—no matter how bright or dark.

Withstand Summer’s Heat

It’s not uncommon for traditional flowers to start to droop in the sweltering summer heat—it happens especially when flowers are out of water for a long period of time.

No need to keep your bouquet in water if you use wood flowers. The flowers will not lose petals or droop no matter how hot the day is!

Keep Your Flowers Forever

After your wedding, most flowers get tossed or you try to dry them out. Does this make you sad? Would you like to keep your wedding flowers?

Sola wedding bouquets let you keep them forever with minimal upkeep. You will just need to dust them every so often to keep them looking like new. Keep them in a dry, cool place in an open container and avoid direct sunlight, so the color doesn’t fade.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Option

You won’t have to create any extra waste because these sola flowers are made from a sustainable plant. You won’t have extra waste to deal with or use unsustainable practices for your wedding decor. Weddings can produce a lot of waste if you aren’t careful, so this is one more way to lessen your carbon footprint.

How to Use Wood Flowers

You can go beyond the bouquets when choosing wooded flowers. You can use them in various ways for your wedding day decor.

Ceremony Florals

Wooden flowers make beautiful bouquets, but you can also use them for parents, grandparents, and other special people’s corsages and boutonnieres. Decorate your ceremony site with arch florals and aisle markers.

You can even use a variety of designs to create a bridal crown. You can create a delicate and intricate design with customized flowers to match your look. You will be comfortable because the flowers are so light and no need to worry about the crown drooping as it could with regular florals.

Use sola flowers on your welcome signs, altar, and decorate lanterns if you are having an outdoor wedding.

Reception Florals

You can use wood flowers for your reception decor as well. Add a pop of color to your cake with the color of your choice. You can also create table centerpieces throughout the venue.

Use those wedding bouquets as table decor as well to save even more money. Want a great photo opportunity for your guests? Create a wood flower accent wall for the perfect backdrop.

Create the Floral Arrangement of Your Choice

By using wood flowers, you can completely customize your wedding flowers. You can choose any color, any flower, and any style to match your theme. After the wedding, you can keep your flowers, and plus, no need to worry about flowers withering or drooping on your big day in the sun’s heat.

If you are curious about other style ideas for your wedding or your new home, keep checking out our site for more great advice for your now and your forever.