Why is everyone going mad for Parquet flooring?

Why is everyone going mad for Parquet flooring?

Over the last 18 months we’ve seen a number of articles raving about something called Parquet flooring, now, if our memory serves us right was this not the type of flooring laid in the old church hall? Or the thing you used to sit on in assembly at primary school? If it is, then why are interior designers going so mad for it now? Well, it seems that parquet has made a resurgence and the interior world is loving it!

Where it all began:

Parquet flooring originated way back in the 16th century in a little place they called France, it was originally installed in chateaux’s and grand houses across the country before finding its way over here during the early 1900’s. Since then we have seen a rise and fall of Parquet, back in the earlier Victorian period Parquet was the must have for any wealthy home, however when carpet was introduced in the 1930s Parquet started to fall off of the radar. All of this changed in the late 80s/early 90s when Parquet was given a new lease of life and it has continued to remain popular since, even more so nowadays!

Different patterns

Herringbone – This is probably the most popular choice when it comes to parquet designs. When you think of Parquet flooring it is likely that this will be the first style that comes to mind. This is the timeless, classic design that adds sophistication to any room that it is installed in. Fun fact – the herringbone pattern is named after the herringbone fish due to the way in which the bones are structured along the fish’s spine!

Double Herringbone – An absolutely beautiful variation on the pattern discussed above, double herringbone is very similar to its singular herringbone counterpart however the planks are doubled up to create a thicker and more distinct pattern. So if you’re looking to create a vintage look with a bit of a twist then look no further than double herringbone!

Chevron – Another incredible pattern in the parquet world of flooring is actually often referred to as French herringbone, just to confuse things! However, chevron flooring is different to herringbone due to the way that the planks have been cut. Chevron planks create the infamous ‘V’ that is so widely associated with Parquet and is enjoying a massive lease of life lately thanks to raving reviews by various interior design blogs (I second them all!).

Basket Weave – The clue is in the name folks! The appearance mimics that of a basket with the floor installed using a woven effect. This type of Parquet isn’t as common as those previously mentioned, but it really is stunning when you see it come to life. The complexity of the structure itself makes the flooring truly unique however using a DIY approach for installation isn’t recommended if you’re an amateur, this type of flooring requires a fully qualified specialist to make sure that it is installed properly and can reach its full aesthetic potential!

Brick Pattern – Again, this is another obvious design, the planks of wood are installed in a way which replicates traditional brickwork and although a lot of people would consider this pattern to be one of the simpler designs, personally I love it. It’s contemporary and has a multitude of uses, in fact you can even create a border around the room you’re installing it in should you wish! Another thing that I love about this pattern is that the planks of wood tend to come in a multitude of shades, meaning that when it is fully laid the different shades are integrated into a unique pattern.

So there’s a few options on the patterns that are available in the parquet flooring world, and with so much choice available it really doesn’t surprise me that this style of flooring has took off the way it has! If you’re looking for something stylish and unique and hate laminate flooring, then parquet is definitely what you need to make the perfect statement in your home.