Enjoy Top Five Spring Time Destinations

Enjoy Top Five Spring Time Destinations

For many avid vacationers, spring is the best time to travel. Balmy weather, pretty flowers and reasonable prices make spring the perfect time of year to travel. Many destinations are at their best with lively seasonal festivals, sporting events and various cultural fests. Whether you are looking for beach parties or club jam parties at warm places, this is the best month to get out of your regular routine and enjoy yourself.


For those who are looking for a spring break travel with sun, sea and sand, Miami is the ideal location. Miami’s sunny climes, sandy beaches, lively nightclubs and vast dining and entertainment options continue to be a lure for spring break travellers from all over the world. There are many bars and clubs lining up the beaches that visitors can go to and take part on an exciting evening that is typical of Miami Spring vacation.

Costa Rica

If you are young, fun loving and party craving, then Costa Rica is the best spring destination. Costa Rica’s high season for travel runs from December to April. Also called the “Switzerland of Central America”, Costa Rica provides a safe and healthy environment to tourists. Apart from partying till late night, there is so much to do in Costa Rica. White water rafting, world class surfing and scuba diving will fill your holidays with thrill and excitement. For those who are there just to enjoy the natural beauty, rappelling down waterfalls, serene white sand beaches and pristine rain forests will make the spring vacation memorable.


The capital city of Prague has become the most popular tourist destination in Eastern Europe. Spring time in Prague means long walks across the city enjoying the city trees with blossoms. Prague has several tourist attractions that cater to wide range of tastes and interests. At Easter Markets located on the Old Town Square, you can attend cultural events and performances by folk ensembles from all over the nation. The Prague card is a must for your Prague sightseeing trip.


Jamaica has remained the top Spring destination for years. This heavy Caribbean Island has various water activities during the day and several bars and nightclubs to drink all night. The nightlife in Jamaica is incredible with live music, dancing and casinos.
The island has numerous wonders, such as underground caves and waterfalls. Dunn’s riverfall is the most favorite destination among tourists.


Paris really does not much of an explanation as to why it’s among the top best spring break destination in the country. Known as the ‘City of Light’, Paris becomes the “City of Bloom” during Spring. A spring break in Paris means leisurely strolling across the River Seine, going for a bike ride across the city and watching the world go by from outside bustling café.

Spring time is the ideal time to go for a holiday as it allows visitors to avoid both the chilling bite of winter and the worst heat of the summer season. Many spring holidays can be booked through Thomson, who offer great packages and offers on these destinations and more around the world.