DIY Home Décor: Break from Convention

DIY Home Décor: Break from Convention

There’s nothing wrong with conventions. Indeed when it comes to furnishing or decorating your home, conventions are there for a reason: they work. And when you’ve got such well thought out colour schemes and carefully designed furniture packages readily available, you might ask what the use is in straying from this approach. The reality though is that some families simply cannot afford the luxury and quality of a more streamlined home décor. In this instance, they must be creative and experimental in order to create a home furnishings scheme that looks great and doesn’t break the bank. Here are a few unique ideas.

Flea Markets are a Goldmine for Art

Many people think that you have to be wealthy in order to decorate your home with art. On the contrary, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on paintings and sculptures which do nothing but conflict with your existing home décor. Selecting art for your home isn’t about having money, it’s about having an in-built perception of what works aesthetically and stylistically and what doesn’t. So if you have a natural flare for creating a balanced motif through seemingly random pieces of art, then flea markets are essential. You will find plenty of quirky and interesting pieces, often for next to nothing!

Create or Restore Your Own Furniture

There’s no sense in buying new when sometimes a lick of paint and a bit of creativity can produce something even better and for a snip of the price. Is your old Ikea shelving unit looking a little rusty, a little worn down, a little bland? Well don’t throw it away. Try sanding it down and spraying it a different colour. Give it a new lease of life, rather than resigning it to landfill. Do your kitchen cabinets look worn out, uninteresting, or even cheap? Again, t’s amazing what a little paint or varnish can do. Transform your dilapidated kitchen units into old-look antiques with the stroke of a brush. Or maybe you need a new coffee table? Try some of these great ideas, instead of buying new.

Start Today!

There’s no need to get down in the dumps if you can’t afford the latest and greatest home furnishings. As you can see, by applying a little thought and creativity, you can in fact produce furniture and decorations for your home that are infinitely more individual and interesting.

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