Cobweb Window Screen, a window screen that you’ve never seen before

Cobweb Window Screen, a window screen that you’ve never seen before

Have you ever had a situation when the rain, a lot of fine dust, or a lot of bugs prevented you from opening your windows? Have dirty window screens and holes on it ever bothered you?

On Kickstarter, Cobweb window screen has been introduced as a convenient solution that addresses these issues all at once. Home&Ideas has created a window screen that is totally improved in terms of lifespan and functionality and exceptional in terms of material from other window screens now on the market.

Window screen with wide field of view & excellent air permeability

The ordinary window screen filters fine hazardous compounds more effectively when with higher density. However, the denser it gets, it reduces the performance of ventilation and visibility. Therefore, it is hard to find the window screen with high density securing ventilation and visibility. Surprisingly, there is a news of a triple-layered water-repellent coated window screen with wide field of view and excellent air permeability releasing on Kickstarter soon. Cobweb window screen was named after spider’s web which means it is a window screen resembling the denseness of a spider’s web. The spacing between the yarns is 30 mesh, which is very compact, but the thickness of the yarn is minimized, therefore provides a wide field of view and easier ventilation than other window screens.

Triple-layered water repellent coated window screen will always keep your house safe and clean

Cobweb window screen is a product that has undergone a triple water-repellent coating process using the manufacturer’s own machinery, and even though the coating is applied three times, there is no issue with the thickness of the window screen. when it rains, general window screens may damage furniture or cause electrical short circuit problems when rainwater enters the room, but Cobweb window screen blocks the rainwater and make the rainwater to flow downwards, washing the window screen and keeping it clean.

Changed material changed the whole game

In general, window screens utilize fiberglass materials, but Cobweb window screens are made of monofilament materials. Monofilament is highly durable and resistant to damage, and can handle up to 374lb of weight, even adults cannot break it easily. Another feature of this material is that it has a lifespan of more than 15 years, which is 5 times more than the lifespan of fiberglass (about 3 years) – it is very economic and eco-conscious material. Also, fiberglass can easily catch fire and make the fire bigger in the case of a fire, but Monofilament melts immediately when it touches fire, so it has the advantage of blocking the fire rather.

Meet Cobweb with exclusive discount on Kickstarter

Since a DIY kit for Cobweb window screen is also available as a package on Kickstarter, people can install it easily within 15 minutes with the kit if purchased a kit package. Not only on the windows, it also can be installed on tents and cars using Velcro or neodymium magnets, blocking rainwater. insects and dust when you camping. Home&Ideas, a manufacturer of Cobweb window screen, said, “It is a new material window screen that was created to solve the stress from the commonly used fiberglass window screen. It prevents rainwater from pooling in the window screen and completely blocks harmful substances entering the room such as dust and pests, so that the quality of life can be upgraded with small changes.” Currently, Cobweb window screen is available on Kickstarter with discounted price for up to 38%.