Best Recipes For Kids

Best Recipes For Kids

More often, kids will love foods that have been appropriately chosen, properly cooked, and specially prepared for them. And they will love it more when you reward them with tasty meals. In this piece, Writer For My Paper has explored some of the most natural recipes you can have for your kids.  

Mac and cheese

You need your kids to experience that outstanding creamy taste? You can always try the Mac and cheese. The sound alone is just good enough to set you into a good mood.

To get Mac and cheese right at your table, always have with you the following ingredients: salt, 1 pound pasta shape of choice, measured amounts of butter, ground black pepper, whole milk, parmesan cheese.

Preparation is just as easy as it would be for any other recipe.

You can start by adding some salt to your pot of water. Bring it to a boil before adding the measured amount of pasta. Let the pasta cook according to package instructions.

In the meantime, heat about two tablespoons of black pepper and butter. This should be in a large pot over medium heat. Continue cooking until it is melted and foamy.

Add milk and the rest of the butter. Do so by adding a tablespoon at a time, giving time to melt before subsequent additions.

Set aside two cups of pasta water, drain the pasta, and add to the butter mixture. Remember to stir to coat.

You can now choose your favorite cheese and then add a third at a time with ½ a cup of pasta water. Stir well to combine every time.

You can add any other favorite stir-ins. Serve hot and let your kids enjoy it.

Homemade pasta

For Homemade pasta, you will need the following:

Generous pinch of salt

Three eggs

2 cups flour

One tablespoon of olive oil

You can prepare homemade pasta for your kids, as indicated below.

Mold a mound out of flour and make a well in the center. Do this on a clear counter.

Take the eggs and crack them into the prepared well. After that, add salt and oil. With the help of your kids, break the yolks and stir the mixture.  Keep rubbing more flour into the centers.

After forming a sticky dough, knead it together with your kids for about 10 minutes. Your dough should be smooth and not sticky. Wrap it up in a plastic wrap and reserve for 30 minutes.

Make rectangles out of the dough and roll it out before cutting the pasta into desired shapes. Boil for about two minutes.

Add some cheese, vegetables, red sauce, meats galore, and enjoy with your kids.

Homemade pizza

Let your little ones have some fun by preparing them for a homemade pizza. You’ll need the following ingredients.  

Measured amounts of warm water, 

active dry yeast, flour, salt, sugar, and olive oil.

Preparation is much easier. Check out:

Dissolve yeast in water

Combine the dry ingredients

Add oil and yeast water to dry ingredients before combining to get a dough

Knead the dough to smoothness and put it into an oiled bowl. Cover it and allow it to rise within an hour.

Punch the dough down and rub it with oil before pre-baking it for 6 minutes at 5000C.

Add the desired toppings before your kids have a taste of it.  

Breakfast oatmeal

It’s just an outstanding family breakfast. Your kids will love it. The following are the ingredients: A cup of rolled oats, a cup of milk, measured amounts of cinnamon, water, and salt with desired toppings.

You can start by combining the first five ingredients and then bring them to a boil. Simmer and keep cooking uncovered for 5 minutes.

Allow cooling before serving. Let your kids enjoy it.

Date oatmeal balls

You’ll need measured amounts of oats, honey, peanut butter, salt, coconut.

Combine all the ingredients in a sizeable mixing bowl before refrigerating for 30 minutes

Scoop a tablespoon and mold into balls before refrigerating. Keep it covered until your kids will need to enjoy it.   


Let your children enjoy their days with such delicious recipes.