Beauty Beacon – Transitioning Your Home From Lacklustre to Lavish

Beauty Beacon – Transitioning Your Home From Lacklustre to Lavish


Photo by CC user Ani-Bee on Flickr.

Coming home should be a relief after a long day, but if your home is dull and unappealing, coming home could be a chore. Even if you use Whizz Home Cleaning Services that may not be all you need to do to make it feel amazing. If your home is lacking in life, then it’s time to make a change.

Turning your home from drab to heaven can be hard work, but it pays off in the long run. If you’re wanting to make the change, but don’t have any idea where to start, here are some tips on how to transition your home from lacklustre to lavish.

Write a plan

No great renovation or redecorating venture starts without a good plan.

Work out what changes you’re going to need to make on your house so it’ll feel like a heavenly home. Make a room by room plan with a basic outline of how you want everything to look.


Making changes on a house can be really expensive work.

Write up a budget so you can leave your house looking, but not costing, a million bucks. A room by room budget can help you break things down to make it easier.

Choose a theme

When redecorating your house, it can be a good idea to stick to a certain theme. Sticking to a theme can make the house look more organised and visually pleasing, so it doesn’t look like you’ve just grabbed a bunch of different styles and thrown them all together.

Get creative

If you’re feeling bold enough, get creative with things in your house, try painting the walls a different colour and adding some patterns or styles. Adding your own personal touch to the house can really help bring it to life and make it feel more like your own home.

Stay motivated

Making the transition of making your lacklustre house a lavish home can sometimes be a lengthy project. Keep working on it so you don’t fall behind, if you get lazy with the job you may get unmotivated to even finish it and end up staying in a half finished house for a lengthy period of time. Keep yourself motivated by setting goals for yourself; even turn it into a social event by asking friends to come over and help you so you’re not doing it all alone.


Don’t be afraid to get rid of any old belongings you don’t use anymore or that you have simply outgrown. This will give you more space for storage, or for new things to take their place. You may want to give any old decorations or furniture to a charity shop so they can be rehomed to someone else who needs them. By replacing your old furniture and decorations with new things you can make your home feel like an entirely new home without even moving.


Don’t think that all of the major changes happen inside the house, the outside of the house needs some TLC also. Keeping your lawns trimmed and taken care of can really make a difference for the outside of your house. If you have some spare time, plant some flowers to get some colour in your yard.

Changing your house around should be a fun time, so try not to let the stress get in the way of anything, as it will all be worth it in the end. Remember, whilst you are changing it around, it’s still your house and everything in it should suit and reflect your own personal style and individuality.