Bad Moms of Music: 7 Hellish Mothers from Musicals

Bad Moms of Music: 7 Hellish Mothers from Musicals

Think you’ve got drama with your mama? Unless she locked you in a tower to feed on your beauty or sold her teeth to support you, chances are she’s not as bad as the many iconic bad moms of music that have graced the center stage. We all love a good musical, and it’s even better when we can work out our own “mommy issues” in the process.

This is why we want to take the time to highlight some of our favorite born to be bad mommas in the list below. Check it out and pick the perfect show to take your mom too. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Edna Turnblad (Hairspray)

Aww Edna, she truly meant well. However, this overbearing, over critical mom spent a good chunk of the musical Hairspray by preventing her daughter Tracy from doing what she does best…movin’ and groovin’.

Not to mention the fact that her own self-esteem issues were handed down to Tracy on a silver platter. In the end, we forgive her for her killer comeback and he loves and devotion for her hubby Wilbur.

The mother-daughter relationship in this show makes it the perfect choice for your next mom date. You can even look into presale ticket codes to try and find discounted prices on upcoming performances.

2. Fantine (Les Miserables)

Fantine is one musical mom that’s more badass than bad and truly shows us just how hardcore a mom can be while attempting to provide for her child.

In addition to prostituting herself, Fantine sells her clothes, her hair, and even her teeth to make sure her little one is well taken care of, even if it means she never got to see her in the end. Now that’s a momma that knows how to hustle.

3. The Witch (Into the Woods)

After watching Into the Woods, you might view the “groundings” in your teen years slightly differently. In fact, this momma is so bad she doesn’t even earn a name, being referred to as only “the witch”.

In a smartly done twist on the classic story Rapunzel, the With keeps her beautiful daughter locked up in a tower, hidden with no stairs or doors. How long did this beauty stay grounded for? Oh, only about 14 years. Ouch.

Keep in mind this is before her beautiful daughter discovers her first love, which results in the Witch outright blinding him. And you thought your parents had strict dating rules.

4. Margaret White (Carrie)

With a mom like this, you’re kind of bound to turn into a telepathic murderer one day. Not only was Margaret extremely abusive to Carrie since she was a baby she also was a bit of a religious nut, viewing anything and everything as a sin.

Her grand duet with Carrie, “And Eve was Weak” is clear evidence that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Finally, as a result of Carrie’s telekinetic powers, Margaret’s final screw is loosened resulting in an ultimate showdown in which Carrie kills her mother.No family reunion here folks.

5. Big Edie (Grey Gardens)

Based on the original documentary following the relationship between Edith Beale and daughter Edith Beale (aka little Edie) Grey Gardens is the iconic story of dependency, mental illness, and yeah…maybe a touch of glamour.

The musical serves as a hybrid between fictional “Edies” and the real-life, historical versions. Two women, having fallen from the “ranks of society” living together in a home worthy of the darkest episodes of Hoarders.

Big Edies verbal abuse, manipulation, and outright craziness is enough to lock her daughter into a work of mental and emotional trauma. As a result, these characters lives decay as quickly as the home around them.

6. Lady Thiang (The King and I)

Heavy is the head that bears the crown. Or in this case, the head that will bear the crown. Lady Tiang is all about making sure her son holds his place as heir to the throne and expects only the best from her golden boy.

This makes her one of the most recognizable forms of “you’re not good enough for my son” mothers to ever walk across a Broadway stage. But hey. we get it, being the king of China takes a certain amount of focus.

Ultimately, we understand that this overbearing momma simply wants what’s best for her boy, whatever that may be.

7. Mae Peterson (Bye Bye Birdie)

Next time you think your mom is pulling a guilt trip, go back to the dramatic, ear tugging ballad of Mae Peterson “A Mother Doesn’t Matter anymore, in Bye Bye Birdie.

Mae Peterson is the last person you want to tell you’ve fallen in love and a clear representation of the old adage “misery loves company”.

While she may not have gotten her way in the end, something tells us Mae Peterson won’t be receiving the Mother of the Year award anytime soon.

Tapping into Your Inner Bad Moms of Music

Whether it’s finding a mothering style you can relate to or finding a way to laugh at your own mother (without her knowing of course), musicals are a great way to experience the very best of bad moms of music.

Looking for more ways to celebrate motherhood, on and off the stage? Check out our blog for inspirational articles and stories that can help you redefine what it means to be a mom. No jazz hands required.