6 Designer Eyeglass Trends to Look Out for in 2021

6 Designer Eyeglass Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Quite the opposite—in recent years, eyewear has become one of the most popular ways to make a statement about your style.

While new glasses styles emerge every year, classic models simultaneously return to the limelight, meaning you’ll have no shortage of options when picking out your next frames. Designer eyeglasses offer an even wider array of style choices and can effortlessly elevate your everyday look.

There’s no time like the present to step up your personal eyewear style, and a new year is a perfect opportunity to make a dramatic fashion statement. For a little inspiration, check out these six designer eyeglass trends that will be all the rage in 2021.

1. Translucent Frames

For years, metal frames or plastic ones in solid black or with basic patterns dominated the world of glasses fashion. But now, you have far more options, including the very en vogue translucent frame style.

Translucent frames come in a simple see-through plastic that blends in with your face and makes your glasses look like an extension of yourself. If you want a more distinct look, translucent frames are also available in a variety of striking colors.

2. Neutral-tone Frames

Neutral frames are a simple yet sophisticated option for glasses, with a single color that complements whatever you’re wearing. Neutral tones include greys, understated browns, shades of beige, muted blues, sand, tan, camel, blush pinks, and more. Glasses in any of these colors will draw attention to your face without clashing with your outfit, no matter what you wear.

3. Round Lenses With Wire Frames

The round glasses trend is a classic example of everything old becoming new again. These smooth, classic glasses were in favor among professionals in decades past and give whoever wears them a learned, stylish appearance.

But these glasses don’t just look attractive; they also allow for the widest possible lens and are ideal for those who wear bifocals or progressive lenses. Wire frames come in multiple metallic tones and are made from sturdy material that won’t break or warp easily.

4. HUGE Shielding Glasses

In 2020, everything seemed to change with the COVID-19 pandemic—including eyewear styles. Now, more people look at their eyewear as not just a fashion statement but also protection. While oversized shades were previously the domain of lab scientists wearing goggles and celebrities looking to be eccentric, more people are now wearing shielding glasses as an everyday choice.

These glasses offer greater protection with wide frames that curl around the head, serving as a partial face shield. You’ll have to worry less about any particles getting into your eyes in a crowded space, and the frames also provide more room for bifocal or progressive lenses to work without crowding.

5. Aviators, Again

Large, bold, and angular, these classic eyeglasses have been in style for decades, and likely won’t go away any time soon. They feature large lenses that sit comfortably on the nose thanks to padding and are held in place by a combination of a wire frame with a metallic tone and colored holders that add a distinctive style.

These glasses are perfect for a business person or other professional who wants functional and attractive eyewear that gives off the vibe of a person who likes the finer things in life.

6. Geometric Lenses

Glasses are becoming as bold in style as any other fashion accessory. That’s why top designers experiment with new shapes like geometric lenses, moving away from the classic round or oval lenses. However, unconventional frame shapes can affect your range of vision, so you should talk to your optician about any uniquely-shaped lenses you’re interested in trying.

Once you get the go-ahead, the options are limitless. Popular choices include geometric shapes like a hexagon or slightly angled lenses that look like a cat’s eye. These lenses combine form and fashion in a way that will make heads turn whenever you walk into the room.

New Lenses, New Look

Finding the perfect lenses to improve your vision is only the beginning. In 2021, why not turn shopping for new glasses into a search for the newest fashions? With these six stylish choices for designer eyeglasses in 2021, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect pair that complement your style.