5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kids Bedroom

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kids Bedroom


Being a kid is all about new discoveries. Whether your kid dreams of being Spiderman or even a fairytale princess, they want a space that will motivate them. It would be therefore a good idea to decorate their bedroom in themes where they will engage in recreation and be themselves. Decorating kids bedroom is an amusing project. It is an act of devotion. If you are prepared to take on this challenge, below are five simple ways that will help you do it correctly.

Get durable and imposing furniture

Using furniture to decorate any room can be a huge investment; but keep in mind that children will always be children, so you do not want to purchase something you will cry over if it gets damaged. Go for children’s furniture that will grow with your kids’ requirements, allow for simple upgrades and fit into an assortment of decorations. Your kid’s room will without a doubt undergo several phases in both trends and colors, but durable furniture will stand the real test of time. A solid wood like oak is durable and looks great.


Wall name art

The best thing about wall name art is that it adorns and teaches the kid. One of the very first things that a child learns is how to count or spell their name. Decorating your kid’s bedroom with a wall name art is an amusing way to teach him or her to spell their name. Simply put the characters of their name on the wall in different designs and colors. Also, you can make your own using some construction paper and finger paint or you can purchase them with various borders and patterns from a home decoration store.


Create a play space

A small bedroom can still have enough space for children to play and bigger kids to go around. Put the beds against the wall so that there is space for children to play and spend some time with their acquaintances. You can paint one wall of the room with chalkboard paint for an immediate focal point that kids will love for a very long time.


Keeping a kid’s room tidy is not an easy chore for both parents and kids, so make it simple with kid-friendly storage. You can fit under-the-bed drawers as well as spare blankets. Bins and baskets can store kids’ toys and unclean laundry so as to keep the room well organized.

Be a bit versatile

Theme rooms are always fun for kids. Many kids love sporting activities and creating a soccer themed bedroom is also good for a kid’s room. Paint the walls using colors of his preferred football team. You can make a unique window treatment using either a football jersey or helmet. For the bed, get a piece of plywood with a curved top instead of purchasing a headboard.

Your kid is going to remember his childhood room for the rest of his life. It is going to be the room of console he thinks about when he grows up and things are not so easy. Thus, make sure you decorate a bedroom that they will remember for the rest of their life.