5 Tips to Prepare for Your Kids’ First Dental Appointment

5 Tips to Prepare for Your Kids’ First Dental Appointment

Baby’s first year is packed with so many exciting milestones!

Between teething and implementing a new toothbrush routine, the events surrounding your child’s first tooth can be a tad overwhelming. 

It is so important to implement healthy oral hygiene from the very first tooth! Your kid’s first dental appointment will set a precedent for their dental health for years to come. 

1. Know When to Go

Dentists recommend that you bring your child in for an appointment before they are one year old, or within 6 months of that first tooth coming in.

You can go earlier if you so choose, but there isn’t a point unless you have a concern or it is otherwise specified from your doctor. 

In the meantime, help get their oral health off to a good start by using a soft-bristled or silicone toothbrush and baby-safe toothpaste daily. 

Take time to find a kid’s dentist near you that you can trust. 

2. Have Baby’s Info Ready

You should make notes about your kid’s oral habits. Do they suck their thumb? Use a pacifier? These are all important for the dentist to know.

It would also be helpful to have a complete medical history, just in case there is something that the dentist would need to know. If there is any paperwork you’re going to need to fill out, see if you’re able to complete it prior to the appointment.

Coming prepared to the first appointment will help speed along the process.

3. Get a Clue!

It may help to familiarize yourself with what will happen at your kid’s first dental appointment, especially if you have any anxieties regarding the dentist.

The dentist will usually check their gums, teeth, jaw, and bite for appropriate development. If there is any plaque or bacteria the dental hygienist may do a gentle cleaning. 

X-rays aren’t usually necessary at your child’s first dentist appointment because baby teeth fall out! If it is recommended by the dentist, ask why and what the benefits are. Remember, you’re their voice!

4. Day of Prep for Your Kid’s First Dental Appointment

Schedule an appointment earlier in the day, or after your child’s nap so that they can be awake and alert during the appointment. 

Before the appointment, you can use a damp cloth to clean the gums or genty brush baby’s teeth if you’ve already begun an oral care routine. 

5. Calm Your Nerves

Are you not a huge fan of the dentist? Don’t let them see you sweat. Studies have found that being afraid of the dentist can have lasting effects on your dental health. 

How you act and respond to the dentist will influence your kid’s perspective. If you are anxious, try to talk to someone about it before. You might even consider going into the dentist’s office another time to ask questions and prepare any way you need to so you can support your baby.

Oral health is important and building a positive relationship with the dentist and health care will make a big difference in your child’s life. Those who are afraid of the dentist are less apt to go. 

Want to Establish Good Oral Hygiene Habits?

Since you’re now prepared for your kid’s first dental appointment, we’ve got some news for you. For a healthy mouth, you should be taking them to these appointments every six months.

As always, you can come check in with us at The Urban Housewife for advice and support!